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Monday, November 20, 2017

The Lady behind the Door

Hidden behind the entry of Sheehan's Religious Goods in Boston, Our Lady's sad countenance and peeling paint first caught my eye. The salesman told me that she had stood in a nearby convent yard for the last 80 years and was indeed looking for a new home. It was at that moment Our Lady became destined for Littlemore Farm. It didn't take long and she was in the back seat of our Jeep Wagon beginning her trek to northwest Iowa. With a thousand brick and summers labor a shrine was built and that was where she remained. 

Years later when we drove away from Littlemore Farm for the last time, Our Lady's Shrine stood empty. Today she stands on a chiseled limestone ledge inside the front door of our home in Scottsdale, Arizona greeting all who enter. She remains Our Lady of Littlemore. 

The videos below were taken at Littlemore Farm.

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