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Thursday, November 2, 2017

I Rise Today - Women Before God

Detroit, Michigan - 1942

I Rise today

I rise today:
     by the strength of the birth of Christ and His baptism.
     by the strength of His crucifixion and burial.
     by the strength of His resurrection and ascension.

I rise today with:
     the love of the Cherubim,
     and the strength of the Seraphim.

I rise today with:
     the prayers of the patriarchs.
     the prophecies of the prophets,
     the faith of the martyrs,
     the purity of the holy virgins,
     the courage of the confessors of the faith,
     the heroic deeds of the saints.

I rise today between:
     the forces of heaven and earth,
     the light of the sun,
     and the splendor of the moon,
     the flash of lightning,
     and the spray of the sea.

I consecrate myself today to:
     God's powerful guidance,
     God's protecting hand,
     God's directing wisdom, 
     Gods sheltering shield,
     God's saving legions.

I protect myself today from:
     the snares of the devil,
     temptation and sin,
     everyone who wills me ill.
     be they far or near.
     be I alone or in the crowd.

I guard myself today from every merciless and brutal force which threatens my body or my soul. I stand the test today against the suggestions of false prophets, godless men, and cheap companions.

     May Christ be with me!
     May Christ be in me!
     He is strength, He is peace!
     May Christ be where I recline.
     May Christ be where I stand.
     May Christ be where I sit.
     Christ, my Lord,
     Christ, my Redeemer!
     I rise today with renewed strength at the summons of the Triune God, believing in the unity of three divine persons in one God.  Amen.


Women Before God
Newman Press, 1961

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