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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Planting The Law Within Us

by Bishop Robert Barron March 18, 2018

Jeremiah 31:31 contains the great prophecy that the Lord will one day place his law within our hearts. In the Old Testament, God's law was written on stone and often appreciated as an imposition, a burden. But Jesus is the Law incarnate, the Torah made flesh. Therefore, when we eat his body and drink his blood, we take the law into our hearts, and thus we realize the prophecy of Jeremiah.
Mass Readings
Reading 1 - Jeremiah 31:31-34
Psalm - Psalm 51:3-15
Reading 2 - Hebrews 5:7-9
Gospel - John 12:20-33


There will come a day when in the Valley of Josaphat Jesus will be seated on His throne in majesty. But now in the Most Holy Sacrament He is seated on His throne in love.  

Suppose a King came to dwell in the town where a poor shepherd lived in order to prove how much he loved him. What would you think of the ingratitude of this same uncouth fellow if he would not so much as go out of his way to visit the King, even though he knew that the King had a great desire to see him, and that this was the very reason why he had come to that place? 

O my Jesus, how well I know it! It is for the love of me that you have come to stay here in the Blessed Sacrament; if it were possible for me to do so, I would like to stay in your presence both night and day. My Lord and my Godthere is never a moment that the angels of Heaven are not present with youthey stand amazed at the love you have for us. How right it is that I should be there too giving you joy by praising your boundless goodness to me, because you are on this altar for my sake, not theirs: "In the sight of the angels I will praise you; I will adore at your holy altar, and for your mercy and your truth I will praise your name." (Psalm 137).
I love You, Jesus my God, here in this Sacrament: Bread of Angels and Food Divine. But with my love neither you nor I am satisfied. I love you truly but altogether too little is my love.  

O Jesus, see to it, that I may begin to understand the Beauty, the Boundless Goodness, that is the object of my love. See to it, yourself, that my heart may be made free from all earthly loves and that all the space that is in it may be filled with your Divine Love.  

Every day you come down from Heaven to fill me with your love and to bring about the closest union between us: what else is left for me to do, after all this, but to concentrate my whole being on loving and adoring you and giving you pleasure. 

I love you with all my heart, my Jesus; I love you with all my heart. If you are looking for a way to return my lovethen give me more love. Give me a love that will burn with ardent flames: a love that will consume me with longing desire always to give greater joy to you.

AspirationJesus, give me more love.


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me. 



People who are poor can find shelter when they are sick, but only in the public hospitals, because all others forsake them on account of their poverty. In the same way the most wretched of sinners are received by the Mercy of Mary, even when everybody else would abandon them on account of their miserable condition. 

Mary's mercy was given to the world by God to be for sinners, like the public hospital, a refuge for the abandoned and forsaken. St. Basil tells us this: "God has established a public hospital for sinners." St. Ephrem tells us that Mary is a place of refuge where the sinner finds a welcome. 

Mary, my Queen, God had made you great so that you might give shelter to those whose condition is most wretched. So you cannot cast me away when I come to you, even though I have committed so many sins. The greater my misery is, the greater also is my right to be taken under your protection. To you I come; under your mantle I take shelter. You are the refuge of sinners, so you are my refugethe hope of my salvation. If you cast me out where will I go?

Mary, my refuge, save me.

Prayer After Visit

Saturday, March 17, 2018

17th Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

Dedication, Introduction & Index


A true lover experiences exceeding great joy when he finds himself in the company of the one he loves.  If we have a great love for Jesus that joy is ours now.  See, we are in His presence; Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is watching us; He is listening to us: are we going to say nothing to Him? 

O let us abound with consolation at the thought of His company. Let us rejoice in the glory and the love He receives from that multitude of souls who are on fire with love of the Blessed Sacrament. Let us be filled with a great longing that all men would love Jesus in this Sacrament of love, and would consecrate their hearts to Him; at the very least, let us consecrate to Him all the love that is ours: let Him be the one object of our love and the one object to whom all the longing of our soul turns. 

Even to speak of the Most Holy Sacrament gave great joy and consolation to Father Salesius of the Society of Jesus; he never tired of repeating his visitsof looking for opportunities to go into the company of the Master whom he loved. He found such opportunities when he was on his way to the door of the monastery; or when he was returning to his room; or when he was going from one part of the house to another. Those with whom he lived could not help noticing that he repeated these visits almost every hour of the day. He ended his life by dying at the hands of heretics while defending the doctrine of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament―this was a fitting reward for his great devotion. 

O Jesus, my most loving Master, how happy I would be if I could die for so beautiful a cause―defending your Real Presence in this Sacrament, in which you show us so clearly how tender is your love for us. 

My dear Master, you have already worked many miracles in this Sacrament; so now work this one miracle more―draw me, bind me all to you.  This is your wish already, and how well you deserve that I should be all yours! Give me strength to love you with all the love of my heart. Give worldly goods to others if you please; I renounce them utterly here and now; but I do sigh after and I long for your love―and it alone.  Yes, your love alone: this I seek for now, this I will seek for always. O, I love you, my Jesus: make me love you always. There is nothing more that I ask.

―Jesus, when shall I truly love you?


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



My most sweet Queen, how pleasant to me is that beautiful name used by those who are devoted to you, "Mater Amabilis," Mother Most Lovable.  Yes, how true it is, O my Lady, that you are exceedingly lovable, for your beauty has won the love of God Himself: "The King has greatly desired your loveliness." 

St. Bonaventure tells us that to your lovers even your name is so lovely, that when they pronounce it, or hear it pronounced, they are set on fire; and an intense longing wells up within them to love you still more: "O sweet, O kind, O most lovable Mary―your name cannot be pronounced without setting us aflame; nor can it strike upon our hearing without stirring the affections of those who love you." 

O how fitting it is then, most lovely Mother, that I should love you.  But I shall not be satisfied with merely loving you: I want to be, after God, the first of your lovers on earth; and later on, the first of your lovers in Heaven. If this desire is too bold your loveliness alone is responsible, together with the particular love that you have given me; if you were less lovable then my longing to love you would be less. 

Come, O my Lady, and accept this intense desire of mine. In proof that you have accepted it, you must yourself obtain for me from God the love I seek. I seek to love you more because the love I have for you gives great joy to God Himself.  

―I love you exceedingly, O most lovely Mother.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

16th Visit to Jesus and Mary

Dedication, Introduction & Index


It is certain that men would not be as unhappy as they are, if in all their trials and troubles they went to the Most Holy Sacrament to find a remedy there. 

Jeremias asks: "In Galaad is there no healing balm? Or is there no physician there? (Jer. 8). Venerable Bede comments: Galaad is a mountain in Arabia, rich in sweet smelling spices. This mountain is a figure of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, for there He keeps ever ready for us all the remedies needed for the sickness of our souls. 

Jesus Our Saviour, says to us: "Poor children of Adam, why do you complain of the sicknesses that afflict you. Here in the Blessed Sacrament you have the Physician, and the remedy too for every sickness of your soul: "Come to Me, all of you, and I will give you refreshment." 

With the sisters of Lazarus I shall say, "Look on the one you love, for he is sick. " My Master, I am the one, the unhappy one, whom you love; see how wounded my soul iswounded by my sins. Come to me, my Divine Physician, and heal me; I know that you can heal me and that you will heal me: "O heal my soul, for I have sinned against you." 

O Jesus, my most sweet love, draw me wholly to you; for this make use of the most beautiful attractions of your love. I prefer to be bound in the bonds of your love rather than to be lord and ruler of the whole earth. I do not want anything in this world except your love. It is but little that I have to give in return: but if I could be the owner of all the kingdoms of the world, I would like to own them for this reasonto renounce them for the love of you. 

As it is, I renounce all that I have―my ease and comfort, my pleasures, even spiritual consolations. My liberty and my will I renounce for you―I want to give you everything that I value. You alone I love, O Boundless Goodness; I love you more than my life and I hope to love you through all eternity. 

Aspiration―My Jesus, I give you all; in your kindness accept my gift. 


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



My Lady, this is what you once said to St. Brigid: "If anybody comes back to me with a sincere will to change his life, it does not matter how great his sins are. I am ready to receive him at once on his return. I do not ask how great his sins have been, but only about his good will as he returns. I do not refuse to stoop over him, to pour oil on his wounds and to heal him. I am called the Mother of Mercy and so I truly am." 

If you have power to heal me, and you also want to heal me―look, I am coming to you. O Physician from Heaven, heal the wounds of my soul. Say only the word to your Son and I shall be healed. 

Aspiration―O Mary, have pity on me.

Prayer After Each Visit

Thursday, March 15, 2018

15th Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

Dedication, Introduction & Index


"I have come to cast fire on the earth, and what do I wish for except that it be set aflame." (S. Luke 12:49). 

The Venerable Father Francis Olimpio, a Theatine, tells us that in the whole world there is nothing that makes the fire of Divine Love burn more intensely in the hearts of men than the Sacrament of the Altar. 

Our Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament showed himself to St. Catherine of Sienna; He was like a furnace of love from which there poured torrents of flame, and these spread themselves over the whole world. 

The Saint was astounded that so many men could continue to live without being set on fire in the very midst of these flames of love that God poured out upon them. 

My Jesus, set me on fire with love of you. Do not let me breathe, nor think of anything, nor seek for anything, nor wish for anything: but only for the love of you. I would be truly happy if this holy fire of yours would utterly consume me
and as the years of my life pass on, it would completely purge from my heart all unruly love of the things of earth. 

O my Jesus, Divine Word of God, I see you upon the altar completely sacrificed: brought to nothing, destroyed, for love of me. You have become a sacrifice, a Victim for my love; there is only one right thing for me to do
to make an offering of my whole being to you. 

Yes, my God, to you who are the Lord and Ruler of all, this day I make a sacrifice of all my soul: my intellect, my will
―everything in my life. This sacrifice of mine is a poor one indeed, but I unite it to the priceless sacrifice that Jesus Christ, your Son and my Saviour, offered to you the Eternal Father―that sacrifice which He made on the Cross when He was on earth, and which He renews every day on the altar in so many places. 

Receive this sacrifice of mine through the merits of Jesus; give me grace to repeat it every day of my life, and to die making a complete sacrifice of myself to your glory. I want to lay down my life for you
―this was the great grace given to so many martyrs.  But if I am not worthy of a grace so great as this; at least let me sacrifice my life by accepting that death which you will send me. 

This, then, is the grace that I wish for, O my God
―I want to die with the intention of giving glory to you and of pleasing you. I offer to you the sacrifice of my life; and of my death, whatever it be, and whenever it may come.

―My Jesus, may I die for the love of you!


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



O Most Sweet Lady, with your own St. Bernard once more let me call you "The whole reason of my hope." And with St. John Damascene let me say, "In you I have put all my hope." The pardon of my sins, perseverance until death, and finally liberation from Purgatory―all these you will obtain for me. All that work out their salvation obtain salvation through you. Your office then O Mary, is to save me. This is what St. Bonaventure says "He will be saved whom thou willest," Will then to save me and I shall be saved." Since you save everyone who calls on you, look down on me, O Mother, as I call on you and say

―"Salvation of those who call upon you, save me." (St. Bonaventure).

Prayer After Each Visit

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Christ Carries His Cross

Hieronymus Bosch or follower - 1510. Ghent, Museum of Fine Arts.

 The Thunderstorm

Thus in this groaning and in this great pain thou goest out of Jerusalem towards thy death. The city is so great, the people so much, that the folk come running out of each street; then stand up the folk, and great is the reek, that men may wonder that think thereon. With such a procession of worldly wondering, was never thief led to death. Some there were of the common people that sighed sore and wept for thy woe, that knew thee so tormented, and that it was for envy; for the princes and the high-priests, that burdened men with the law, did thee to death for thy true sayings, when thou would reprove them of their errors. They knew it was outrage and wrong that thou suffered, and followed thee weeping and sighing sore. Then thou said a thing that afterwards came to pass: thou bade them weep for themselves, and for the great vengeance that should fall for thy death on them and on their children, and on all the City that afterwards was destroyed, for the vengeance of their own guilt that they should be driven out of their place.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

When You Hear the Bell - Year 1777

When you hear the Bell give Notice, or purpose in yourself to hear Holy Mass, direct your Intention to do it in Remembrance of the Death and Passion of our Blessed Savior Jesus, and presently set before your Eyes the blessed Virgin, St. Mary Magdalen, and the other Maries, going to Mount Calvary, to behold Christ Crucified: endeavoring to stir up in your Mind such Thoughts as you may imagine those holy Persons to have had in this sacred Pilgrimage, for as much as you are going to see the same Crucifixion which they did, mystically performed by the Hands of the Priest.

A Manual of Devout Prayers
Printed and Sold by W. Sergent

Sunday Homily by Bishop Robert Barron


Fourth Sunday of LENT

by Bishop Robert Barron March 11, 2018
The Divine Love is the great theme of the Bible, but one of the mistakes we can make is to project onto God our way of being. Gods love is unconditional, not fickle and vacillating. His love is hesed, which means tender mercy. This love is visible, par excellence, in the Incarnation.
Mass Readings
Reading 1 - 2 Chronicles 36:14-16, 19-23
Psalm - Psalm 137:1-6
Reading 2 - Ephesians 2:4-10
Gospel - John 3:14-21

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tenth Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

Dedication,  Introduction &  Index


Poor foolish slaves of the world, says St. Augustine, where do you think that you are going to satisfy your hearts' desires? Come to Jesus, because He alone is able to give you the happiness that you are looking for: "Unhappy people, where are you going? The good you are in search of comes from Him alone." 

And what about myself? Am I going to be just as senseless as they are, by acting in the same foolish way as they do? No; I will seek for God alone. 

"Seek for that One Good," adds St. Augustine, "in whom you will find every good;" and if you wish to find Him immediately, here He is
―close beside you. Tell Him what you want; because that is why He is in the Tabernacle―to give you consolation and to listen to what you have to say. 

St. Teresa reminds us that the privilege of speaking with a King is not given to everybody; the best that most can hope for is to make a petition through a third person. 

But to speak with you, the King of Glory, we do not need anybody to intervene; you are ready to give audience to all
―and at all times―in this Sacrament. Anybody that wishes for it finds you always there―there he speaks to you as friend to friend. 

Occasionally, but only after long and difficult routine, someone may be permitted to speak directly to a King; and it is but seldom
―maybe a few times a year―that kings grant audience. But in this Sacrament you grant audience both night and day to all without exception, and just as frequently as we wish for it. 

O Sacrament of love, whether you give yourself in Holy Communion, or whether you remain upon the altar, you know how to draw many hearts to yourself with those loving attractions of yours; so that, in love with you, they remain lost in the contemplation of your goodness: and ardent in their joy their thoughts are for you alone. 

O draw my poor heart to you also, for it wants to love you more and to spend itself as the servant of your love. From today forward I entrust to the care of your goodness all my interests, all my hopes, all my love: my soul and my body. Accept me O Lord, and do with me whatever you please. 

I will not complain any more, O my loved Master, of the ways in which you have arranged things for my welfare. All that matters to me is that they come forth from your loving Heart; so love must be their cause and they must be for my good. That you want them so is enough for me: I want them so too both here and in eternity. Do everything you wish to me, and with me. I will work in perfect union with your will;  for it alone is holy, it alone is Goodness itself, it alone is all-beautiful; and in it are all perfection and loveliness. 

How dear you are to me, O Will of God!  Always in the closest union with you I wish both to live and to die: your joy is my joy. My one ambition is that your desires be my desires also. My God, my God, O help me! From today forward make me live for you alone: alone, to do what you wish; alone, to love your Will which is all lovely. O let me die for love of you, for you have died for love of me and you have become the very food of my soul. 

O how unhappy were the days in which I clung to my own will and thus offended you! I love you now, O Will of God, in the same way as I love God Himself
―because you are God Himself. Yes, even so, with all my heart I love you, and to you I now make this complete gift―the total gift of myself.

―O Will of God, all my love is yours.



Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



This great Queen tells us, "In my possession are riches . . . so that I can make all who love me rich." (Prov. 8). If we wish to be rich with the graces of God we will love Mary. "Idiota" calls her, "The Treasure Store of Graces." O happy are the people who go to Mary with confidence and love. I hope to become holy through you, for you can make me holy, O Mary, My Hope.

―O Loving Mother, pray for me.

Prayer After Visit

Friday, March 9, 2018

When Taking Holy Water

St. Mary's Basilica, Phoenix, Arizona

By the sprinkling of Thy Precious Blood, O Lord Jesus, and by the merits of Thy Sacred Passion, wash me from every stain, and cleanse my soul from all sin. Amen.

Prayers of an Irish Mother
Brian O'Higgins
Dublin, Ireland

Ninth Little Visit to Jesus and Mary


St. John tells us that he saw Our Lord bound about the breast with a cincture of gold: "I saw the Son of Man with a golden girdle about his breast." (Apoc.1:13). In the Most Holy Sacrament the breast of Jesus is overflowing with graces which the Sacred Heart is longing in mercy to pour out upon men. 

"You will be carried at the breast." (Is.66:12). He tells us through the mouth of His prophet that His love for us is tender as the love of a mother, who finds her solace and her joy only in nourishing the child she loves. 

The Venerable Father Alvarez saw Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament with His hands full of favors, and He was seeking out those to whom he could distribute them. 

It is told of St. Catherine of Sienna that when she went to the Most Holy Sacrament, she went with a heart thirsting for love, in much the same way as a babe in its need turns to the breast of its mother. 

O only Begotten Son of the Eternal Father, you are most lovely, and I well know that it is you who are the most worthy object of my love. I wish to love you as much as you desire―at least I want to love you as much as a creature is capable of wanting to love you. 

I understand that because I have failed you and even by my sins become a rebel to your love that I have no claim to your love. I have no right even to come close to you as I now am in this church; but I understand too that, in spite of all this, it is you yourself who are still seeking my love; I hear You saying to me, "My child, give me your heart:" Love the Lord your God with all your heart." It is for this, I know, that my life has been prolonged by you, and that I have not been condemned to hell that, being converted, I give all my love to you. 

Since then you still want to be loved by me, here I am, O my God. To you I give myself; to you I dedicate my whole being. You are all goodness, O my God; you are all love. I love you. I choose you to be the only Lord and King of my poor heart; this is your own wish, and it is mine too, that my heart should be yours; though of itself my poor heart is cold and repellent, when you accept it you can change it. Change me, O Lord, my God; bring about a change in me. I do not rely on myself or I should remain still as I was in the past―ungrateful, and with so little love of your boundless goodness: that goodness which loves me so greatly and deserves in return a boundless love. Bring it about that in all my days to come I may be able to make up for the love that I have failed to give you in times past.  

―My God, my God, I want to love you, I want to love you, I want to love you.


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



Mary is very much like her Son Jesus in this; being the Mother of Mercy she experiences great joy when she is able to help and console sinners.

Bernadine de Bustis tells us that Mary's desire to bestow favors on everybody is so intense that it is greater than our wish to receive them: "Her wish to dispense gifts to you and to do you good is greater than your wish to receive her gifts."

―Hail, our Hope!

Prayer After Visit