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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

For Our Moms & Dads

For Our Moms & Dads - 1943
Who Have Passed

O God, Who has commanded us to honor our father and mother; in Thy clemency have mercy on the souls of my father and mother, and loose them from their sins; and grant that I may see them in the joy of eternal light. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Dear Lord Jesus, grant them eternal rest. Amen.

Prayer for Self

My Lord God, in sincere love for Thee and with sorrow for my sins, I even now, resignedly and willingly, accept from Thy hand, with all its anxieties, pains, and sufferings, whatever kind of death it shall please Thee to be mine. Amen.

Pray for us, O Most Sorrowful Virgin.
Who didst stand by the Cross of Christ. Amen. 

We beseech Thee, O Lord, may the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose most holy soul the sword pierced in the hour of Thy passion, intercede for us at the hour of our death. Amen.


Monday, January 30, 2017

My Mother


                  I put my trust forever,
                  O Mary, pure, in thee.
                  Then show thyself a mother,
                  And daily succour me.
                  And when death's hand shall touch me,
                  Thy pity I implore; 
                  Oh, lead me, dearest Mother,
                  To God―for evermore!

Prayers of an Irish Mother
Brian O'Higgins
38 UP, O'Connell Street, Dublin


Sunday, January 29, 2017

She is Looking at You!

Bernadette, drawing near to the two ladies, said to the younger one who was a Child of Mary: "She is looking at you." "Ask her if she will permit us to accompany you here every day." "They may come," answered the Virgin, "she and others. I wish to see people here." She then disappeared, leaving behind her that luminous light with which she was surrounded, and which vanished more slowly.

O Mother of God! If I place my confidence in thee, I shall be saved; if I am under thy protection, I have nothing to fear; for the fact of being thy client is the possession of a certainty of salvation which God grants only to those He means to have. Amen.

The Song of Bernadette - Full Movie 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Elvis Salutes Mary Tyler Moore - Lets Pray Together

Please Pray for the Repose of Mary's Soul!  
May she Rest in Peace,

The Church prays for the dead and this prayer says much about the reality of the Church itself. It says that the Church continues to live in the hope of eternal life. Prayer for the dead is almost a battle with the reality of death and destruction that weighs down upon the earthly existence of man. This is and remains a particular revelation of the Resurrection. In Prayer Christ Himself bears witness to the life and immortality, to which God calls every human being.

Crossing the Threshold of Hope (1994)
Saint John Paul II
page 25

Friday, January 27, 2017

Aspirations After

Aspirations After Holy Communion

O my Queen, thou hast given me Jesus in thy heart, therefore, now, with the same true heart, entertain Him for me. Adore Him, thank Him, and implore Him for the graces thou knows me to need-in particular . . . . .

O Jesus, I believe that I have received Thy Flesh to eat and Thy Blood to drink, because Thou hast said it, and Thy word is true.

O Jesus, my God, my Creator, I adore Thee, because from Thy Hands I came and with Thee I am to be happy forever.

O Jesus, I am but dust and ashes, and yet Thou hast come to me, and my poor heart may speak to Thee.

Sweet Jesus, I love Thee; I love Thee with all my heart. Thou knows that I love Thee, and wish to love Thee daily more and more.

My good Jesus, I thank Thee with all my heart. How good, how kind Thou art to me, sweet Jesus. Blessed be Jesus in the most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

O Jesus, receive my poor offering. Jesus Thou hast given Thyself to me, and let me give myself to Thee:

I give Thee my body, that it may be chaste and pure.

I give Thee my soul, that it may be free from sin.

I give Thee my heart, that it may always love Thee.

I give Thee every breath that I shall breathe. and especially my last; I give Thee myself in life and in death, that I may be Thine for ever and ever.

O Jesus, wash away my sins with Thy precious Blood.

O Jesus, the struggle against temptation is not yet finished. My Jesus, when temptation comes near me, make me strong against it. In the moment of temptation may I always say, "Jesus, mercy! Mary, help!"

O Jesus, may I lead a good life; may I die a happy death. May I receive Thee before I die. May I say when I am dying, "Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I give you my heart and my soul."

Listen now for a moment to Jesus Christ; perhaps He has something to say to you. There may be some promise you have made and broken, which He wishes you to make again and keep. Answer Jesus in your heart, and tell Him all your troubles. Then pray for others.

O Jesus, have mercy on Thy Holy Church; take care of it.

O Jesus, have pity on poor sinners, and save them from hell.

O Jesus, bless my father, my mother, my brothers and sisters, and all I ought to pray for, as Thy Heart knows how to bless them.

O Jesus, have pity on the poor souls in Purgatory, and give them eternal rest.

Sweet Jesus, I am going away for a time, but trust not without Thee. Thou are with me by Thy grace. I will never leave Thee by mortal sin. I do not fear to do so, though I am so weak, because I have such hope in Thee. Give me grace to persevere. Amen.

Manual for the Children of Mary - 19th century

Our Lady's Falls - Wengen Switzerland.


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meadow Brook

Lugano, Switzerland - 1940

Sighs of a Penitent Soul, 1912

O Lord my God, I am a miserable sinner, unworthy indeed to live upon the earth; have mercy upon me and save me.

Holy Mary, Pray for us.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Scatter Me Here!

Sorrowful Mother Headstone, 
Rapperswil Catholic Cemetery

I put my trust forever,
O Mary, pure, in thee.
Then show thyself a mother,
And daily succour me.
And when death's hand shall touch me,
Thy pity I implore;
Oh, lead me, dearest Mother,
To God―for evermore!

Payers of an Irish Mother
Brian O'Higgins
38 Up. O'Connell Street, Dublin, 1934

                   ⬆︎  ⬆︎
Our Sorrowful Mother's Image was taken at this headstone, Rapperswil, Switzerland, 2015


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lady of Littlemore

Our Lady of Littlemore

Welcomes all who enter our front door

John Henry Newman never revealed to the world the secret of his own conversion into the Catholic faith. Perhaps the answer can be found in this little book that he wrote while still an Anglican.

The words were set to music and became a popular hymn which is cherished by Protestants and Catholics alike. 

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Monday, January 23, 2017


Barbara Scott (sleeping ice skater), Switzerland, 1948

The peace of God is a most profound tranquillity and repose, like the silence of untrodden mountain summits clothed with eternal snows;  or like the lowest depths of the ocean, where the fierce storms that rage on the surface are unfelt, and where the turbulent industry of men can never penetrate.  Nothing can equal that peace.

O Loving Jesus, I offer Thee Thy most peaceful repose in the adorable Sacrament of the Altar, and in the hearts of all the just, and I beseech Thee most earnestly that I may rest this night in Thee so that in the morning I may awake with renewed fervour to love and serve Thee. Amen.
My Queen and my Mother, bless me with thy pure and holy hand― That I may have a good night's rest, That I may wake betimes in the morning, and have the grace and energy to rise promptly and continue the work thy divine and beloved Son has entrusted to my feeble hands.Amen.

Prayers of an Irish Mother - 19th century

Visiting Jesus and Mary

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Great are the fatigues, many are the dangers that multitudes of Christians have faced to visit the places in the Holy Landthose places where Our Most Loving Saviour was born, where He suffered, and where He died. 

For us there is no need to make a long voyageno need to face great dangers: this same Lord of Glory is our neighbor. He dwells in the church which is only a few steps away from our own house. St. Paulinus tells us that pilgrims who brought away a little dust from the Crib, or from the Holy Sepulchre in which Jesus was buried, thought that this was a very wonderful thing. With what burning love then should we visit Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament when we can do this without any fatigue and without any danger. There this same Jesus awaits us in person. 

A nun to whom God gave a special love of the Blessed Sacrament wrote a letter and among other thoughts expressed in it are the following: "I have come to see that all the good things that are mine have come to me from the Most Holy Sacrament; to Jesus in this Sacrament I have given and consecrated myself completely. I see numberless graces that were never given because this Divine Sacrament was not approached;  I see that Our Savior in this Sacrament has an intense desire to distribute His graces. O Holy Mystery! O Sacred Victim! Where else does God give us such a deep knowledge of His power if it is not in this Host? Surely this Host contains in itself everything that God has ever done for us. There is no need for us to envy the Blessed who are in Heaven: on earth we have the very same Lord; but here the marvels of His love are greater. Do what you can to persuade others to devote themselves completely to the Most Holy Sacrament. I am overwhelmed at the thought of what this Sacrament means and that is why I speak in this way: of the Most Holy Sacrament I can never cease to speakits claims on our love are so great. For the sake of Jesus in this Sacrament I know not what I can do."  It is thus the letter ends. 

O Seraphim, you who burn with such sweet flames of love before that God who is both yours and minethough it is not for your love but for mine that this King of Glory lingers hereO Angels of Love, let me burn too. Inflame me with your fiery darts so that, in His presence, the flames of your love and of mine may ascend together. 

O my Jesus, give me to understand what a tremendous thing is your love for men; so that in the presence of this great love, my longing to love you more and to give joy to you will always grow more ardent. O God of Boundless Love, I want to love you always; I want to please you only.

AspirationMy Jesus, I believe in you, I hope in you, I love you; I love you and I give myself to you.


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



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O Virgin most loving, you are named by St. Bonaventure "The Mother of Orphans." St. Ephram proclaims you "The Receiver of Orphans," that is, the one who welcomes the orphan. Who are these unhappy orphans? They are non others than poor sinners who have lost God, their Father. Most holy Mother, I have lost my Father; you are my Mother. I come to you and you will welcome me. In my great misfortune I call on you for help and you will aid me. Will you leave me in my grief? No; for this is what Innocent III says to me about you, "Who has ever called on her and did not receive her kindly help?" And indeed who ever prayed to you without being both heard and helped? Was anybody ever lost after pleading with you? The only one that is lost is the one that does not go to you. My Queen, if you wish to save me, then help me to invoke you and to confide in you always.

AspirationO most holy Mary, give me confidence in you.

Prayer After Each Visit

Visit Again Tomorrow 😇😇


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Photo with a Hook


THE COPTIC CHURCH IN EGYPT celebrates thirty-two feast days in honor of the Virgin mary.  The last one of these falls on April 2 and the commemorates Mary under her title of Our Lady of Light. The great majority of Egypt's population is Muslim.  The Copts are a Christian sect whose members did not convert when that country was invaded in the eighth century.  They make up about 10 percent of Egypt's population.  The Copts have a great reverence for the Holy Family since it was to Egypt that Joseph and Mary took the Infant Jesus to hide from Herod.  One place where the family rested was Zeitoun near Cairo.

When Mary appeared over the Coptic Church of Saint Mark on April 2, 1968, she was seen by a diverse religious crowd.  Islamic tradition also has great reverence for Mary.  A hadith of the Prophet Muhammad states, "Every child is touched by the devil as soon as he is born and this contact makes him cry.  Excepted are Mary and her Son."  Like Catholics, the Muslims believe that Mary was a virgin when she conceived Jesus and that she was spiritually superior to all other humans.  She is one of eight people who have their own chapter in the Koran.  When Mary appeared in Egypt she was welcomed by Coptic Christians, the Protestant Church, the pope's envoy, and the Muslim population.

On April 2, 1968, at 8:30 at night, the mechanics of bus drivers who worked out of the Public Trasport Authority heard a disturbance in the street.  A young woman dressed in white was on the dome of the Church of Saint Mark across from the garage.  Frightened that she was about to kill herself, the Muslim mechanic implored her to be careful, while his compatriot ran to alert the priests.  Since it was impossible to walk on the curved dome of the church, the onlookers gathering in the street were astounded to see the woman move onto the dome, bowing and kneeling in front of a cross.  It was then that someone yelled out, "It is our Holy Mother Mary!"  went up from the crowd.  As the night sky darkened, the figure of Mary on the roof glowed luminously.

This was the start of a series of hundreds of apparitions that was to last three years.  In all of them Mary remained silent but brought a sense of peace and harmony to the hundreds of thousand in the crowds who would gather to be with her.  Not everyone in the crowd saw her, some saw only light.  Others, Muslims as well as Christians viewed her with great clarity.

The apparitions become so well-know that they were even broadcast on Egyptian television to an audience of one million people.  The Marxist president of Egypt, Abdul Nasser, was among the many political dignitaries who would stand in the street, waiting for Mary.  The Egyptian government went so far as to tear down buildings around the church to make room for the ever-expanding crowds.

This silent apparition never appeared at the same time and would come two to three times a week.  It was instantly declared a miracle by the Coptic Church when the first man who saw Mary, the mechanic from the garage, went the next day to have a gangrenous finger amputated.  Doctors unwrapping his bandages were shocked to find his finger totally healed.  Many nights the Virgin would bow to the crowd and bless it;  sometimes she appeared with a baby in her arms;  many times she waved an olive branch of peace;  other times a luminous mist spread everywhere, giving off the scent of incense.

A priest at the church has written, "I have seen the Virgin myself reflected against the surface of the moon whose disk got bigger as the moon got nearer to the church.  The Virgin made her apparition carrying a babe in her arms."  Another witness who watched from his brother's apartment said, "I saw her twice.  She was ver tall, and she did not stand on the ground.  She shone more than the moon, all completely white, sometimes with her arms together and sometimes with her arms outstretched.  Every night there were doves, and doves, you know, do not fly at night."  A woman remembering the time of the apparitions said, "There were Muslims and Christians, and everyone was as one, one religion together."

Scientific studies were launched within a fifteen-mile radius of the church.  It was thought that the apparition was being projected from somewhere, but no evidence of such an elaborate hoax was ever found.  Pope Pius VI's envoy, who witnessed several of the apparitions in the first month, recommended these visions as legitimate visits by Mary.  With the exception of the Omaha World Herald the visions the West was silent regarding the visions.

Several reasons were suggested for why Mary chose this time and place to appear.  One was the disatrous defeat Egypt suffered in the 1967 Six Day War with Israel.  Because of it, the Coptic holy sites in Jerusalem were off-limits to Egyptians.  Not only was Mary soothing the people in their defeat, she was visiting them with they could not go to the holy land to visit her.


Another reason was the Zeitoun had sheltered the Holy Family during their flight from Herod, and Mary was revisiting a place that had protected her. The apparitions ended in 1971, when the Egyptian government started to charge admission to stand in the street.  There are many black-and-white photographs of these sighting, but original witnesses insist they serve as poor documentation of the luminous visions they remember.

Credits:  The article was gratefully borrowed from Visions of Mary by Barbara Calamari & Sandra Dipasqua


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Feast Day of St. Agnus

How strange a martyrdom! She is too young to be punished, yet she is old enough to win a victory. She cannot fight, yet she easily gains a crown. She has but the age of a scholar, yet has she mastered every virtue. Bride never went to nuptials with so glad a heart, nor so light a step, as this young virgin marches to the place of execution. 
Already have I communicated of his sacred Body, and his Blood has graced my cheek; His Mother is a Virgin, his Father is God. I am espoused to him who the Angels obey, and whose beauty the sun and the moon admire.

O thou that nearest a Martyr's palm and a Virgin's wreath! pray for us, that, though unworthy of a special crown, we may have our names written in the list of Saints.  Amen. 

by Dom Prosper  Granger O.S.B.
London, 1867
Volume 2, page 371

Here was a victim scarce big enough for a wound, for where could the sword fall? and yet she had courage enough to conquer the sword.

Friday, January 20, 2017

God Bless America

For the Promises of Spring,
For the heron on the wing,
For the song the blackbirds sing,
Gracious Lord, we thank Thee!

For the Summer's roses red,
For the fragrance sweet they shed,
For the cloudless skies overhead,
Gracious Lord, we thank Thee!

For the Autumn's purple haze,
For the beauty of her ways,
For the fruitful harvest days,
Gracious Lord, we thank Thee!

For the Winter, white and drear,
For the woodlands gaunt and sere,
For the passing of the year, 
Gracious Lord we thank thee!

For the truth that makes men free,
For the love that leads to Thee,
For the life that is to be, 
Gracious Lord, we thank Thee!

Prayers of an Irish Mother
Brian O'Higgins

God Bless America with Celine Dion

Thursday, January 19, 2017

In Thirty Five Words

I am determined that from this day forward no other shall surpass me in honoring and loving thee, my most amiable Queen. This I promise; and this, with thy help I hope to execute. Amen.  

St. Bonaventure

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Her Eyes - A Study

The light that lies in Mary's eyes,
Has been my heart's undoing.  

The Beginning of Sorrows

Chapter 5
The children gazed at one another in ecstasy. Words of pent-up joy broke from their lips. Glowing and excited, they compared what they had seen and heard. Lucy alone had spoken to the Lady, Jacinta had heard all the conversation, but Francis had heard nothing. He had simply seen. Jacinta could not contain herself.
~"What a lovely lady! What a lovely lady!"

Presently Lucia began to wonder how their parents would take the news. The three decided that it would be better not to say anything for the time being.

But that very evening at suppertime Jacinta told all. She could not keep it in. She was bursting to share the delight with which she was filled by the vision of the lady who shone in her beauty as brightly as the sun. Though Francis was able to hold his tongue, the news was too wonderful for Jacinta's tiny heart to keep to herself. It was the Blessed Virgin herself whom they had seen, she had no doubt. How happy people would be to know! And to think that the lady would come again in a month's time.

Lucy's mother heard the story the next day. The village hummed for days with it, and mocking comments could be heard on all sides. The woman, so jealous of her reputation for honesty and trust, burned with indignation! To think that her daughter, in spite of her steady, quiet ways, was at heart an untruthful little braggart, ready to expose the family to such ridicule in order to win attention. Even the village padre was appealed to by the angry mother in an attempt to convince the wanton child how absurd and mischievous her story was. But, in the eyes of the child his own priestly eyes read sincerity . . . and, since he was at a loss to know what to make of it, he held himself aloof and counseled moderation . . . advice to which the woman paid little heed.

Francis and Jacinta were treated mildly by their parents but from then on Lucy had to endure from her mother hard words, and even blows. Her sufferings had begun in earnest. Often, she had to seek some secluded corner to sob and console herself with the thought of the heavenly visitor's promised return on the 13th of June. 

Chanticleer Booklets
The National Rosary Shrine
Cap de la Madeleine
Canada, 1949

Saints Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco - Pray for us!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima

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The Angel Returns

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  The Story of Our Lady of Fatima
Chanticleer Booklets - 1949
Chapter Four

The Angel Returns

Several months had passed since they had seen the angel in human form. But the mystery of it still weighed upon them, and the message he had given them had not been forgotten. Then one day during the quiet of the siesta, they were talking together in their favorite retreat in the garden behind the well, when the angel appeared at their side.

"What are you about?", he asked. His manner was grave. Pray, pray a lot! Jesus and Mary have designs of mercy upon you in their holy hearts―Keep on offering to the Lord prayers and sacrifices to make up for so many sins against him, and to obtain the conversion of sinners. Offer them to obtain peace for your country.I am its guardian angel, the Angel of Portugal. Above all, accept humbly whatever sufferings Our Lord will send you . . .  

As the angel's words fell upon their ears, their minds were mysteriously illumined, so that they saw how God loved them, and how He wished to be loved by them in return. They saw also how great is the value of sacrifice and how powerful it is to obtain the conversion of sinners.

A deeper effect was wrought in the lives of the children. They became intent on sacrificing all the little comforts and delights they could. Their lives had been simple and frugal as they were, for peasant children have not many things to deprive themselves of, but they were ingenious in inventing ways and means of doing penance. The principal one they preferred was to remain for hours, their heads bowed to the ground, repeating the prayer which the Angel had taught them when he first appeared.

All summer long, the young shepherds tended their sheep and seemed outwardly just like the other children of the village. Secretly they were engaged in the special mission they had received from Heaven. Their days of penance and prayer went up as an agreeable incense to their Heavenly Father.

Autumn brought a third and momentous visit of the angel. The little trio had finished their meal at noon, and had come to the place where the angel had first appeared to them while they were sheltering from the storm. They had finished their rosary and had been reciting the Angel's prayer for a while when suddenly they found themselves surrounded by a brilliant light. Lifting their heads, their eyes grew round with wonder at what they saw. The angel was there, and this time he held in his hand a chalice. Above it was suspended a host from the whiteness of which drops of blood were issuing and falling into the chalice.

The angel came and knelt beside them, the chalice and the host remaining where they were in the air. He made them recite three times this prayer:
Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore profoundly, I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in re- paration for the outrages by which He Himself is offended.
By the infinite merits of His Sacred Heart and by the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of Thee the conver-sion of poor sinners.
Then the angel rose, placed the host on Lucy's tongue, and gave Jacinta and Francis drink from the chalice, saying at the same time: 
Receive the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, horribly outraged by thankless men. Make up for their sins, and console your God.
At the end he knelt again, repeated the prayer another three times, and vanished from their sight.

The children remained a long time on their knees, murmuring the angelic prayer to the Holy Trinity, their souls in a profound and luminous peace, their hearts throbbing with the effects of the mysterious communion which they had made. They felt the bliss of it immensely. Francis was the fist to come to himself and to think of getting back to the village. It was late. The children got the sheep together and started homewards in great joy. But they went slowly, for their small bodies were weary.


*       *       * 

It was a Sunday in the spring of the following year. May 13, 1917. The children had come home from Mass, and were taking the sheep out to pasture in a sort of dale, or basin-shaped depression not far from the village, where the Santos owned a field. The place was called Cova da Iria, which in English would be St. Irene's Cove, in honor of a saint who lived in the region in the 7th century. At noon, after eating lunch, the children knelt in the shade of an olive tree to say the rosary. They prayed with a fervor and piety nourished by months of compliance with the angel's wishes. Next they became absorbed in one of their favorite games, that of building a house. The girls brought the stones, and Francis made an enclosure of them, the floor of which was strewn with pine needles.

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of lightning. Startled, the three looked up, but not a cloud was to be seen anywhere in the sky! Still, thought Lucy, perhaps a storm was brewing behind the hills, and she voted to taking in the sheep. The other two, nervously agreed, and quickly bringing the flock together, they moved off across the cove towards the village. Just in the middle of the cove, they were brought to a sudden stop by another dazzling flash. They glanced at one another fearfully, then again moved on. They were just passing near a young oak tree when this time they were fairly blinded by a brilliant light which enveloped them. Opening their eyes, their gaze was drawn to the tree from which light was radiating. And the source of the wonderful light was a beautiful young woman, clothed in the purest white, light poised on a branch of the oak.

A veil, bordered at the edge with a delicate gleaming gold thread a little more brilliant than the radiant whiteness of her apparel, covered head and shoulders and fell to her feet. The children could scarcely bear the vision of beauty, and wanted to flee. But a sweet maternal gesture and a gentle voice restrained them. Lucy reassured, had courage enough to ask a question:
~"Where are you from, Madam?"
~"I am from Heaven."
~"Why are you here?"
~"I come to ask you to be here on the 13th of each month at this time, every month for six months. In October, I shall tell you who I am, and what I wish from you."
~"You come from Heaven! . . . Shall I go to Heaven?"
~"Yes, you shall go there."
~"Jacinta also?"
~"And Francis?"
~"He too. But before he must recite many rosaries."

In saying this, the Lady, whose every movement sparked with light, turned a regard full of goodness and compassion on the young boy.
She turned again to Lucy:
~Are you willing to offer sacrifices to God and to accept all the sufferings that He will send you in reparation for the nuberless sins which offend His Divine Majesty? Are you willing to suffer to obtain the conversion of sinners, to make reparation for the blasphemies as well as for all the offense done to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?"
~"Yes, yes, we are willing," the child replied.

The unhesitating generosity of the children was rewarded by a smile of tenderness, and the Lady said: "You will have much to suffer then, but the grace of God will help and sustain you always."

Up to that moment, the Lady had held her hands joined at her breast. Now she parted them in an exquisitely gracious and maternal gesture, and the movement caused a flood of mysterious light, sweet and intense, to pour into the depths of their souls and to make them see themselves as they were in God. They fell to their knees exclaiming:
~"O most Holy Trinity, I adore Thee! . . . My God, my God, I love Thee! . . . "
The lovely regard of the Lady rested silently on them for a while. One more request she made of them ~ that they recite the rosary devoutly every day for the peace of the world and for the conversion of sinners ~ and then the children saw that she was moving away, and their eyes followed her until she disappeared in the light of the sun.

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Chanticleer Booklets
The National Rosary Shrine
Cap de la Madeleine
Canada, 1949

(Chapter Five Tomorrow 😇😇)

Saints Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco - Pray for us!