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Friday, October 7, 2016

Feast of the Most Holy Rosary*

Our Lady and St. Bernadette, Lourdes

       Above the grotto of Massabielle, in a rustic niche formed by the rocks, and standing upright in the midst of a supernatural light, was a Woman of incomparable splendor. Of medium stature, and of a beauty to which no earthly beauty approaches, she was vested in a long and trailing white robe: the naked feet rested in the rock and lightly pressed a branch of wild rose; upon each of the feet appeared a mystical rose of golden color. A blue girdle encircled the waist, fastened by a half-knot with long ends. A white veil fastened round her head descended to the foot of the robe behind. She wore neither rings, necklace, crown, or jewels, but between her hands, piously joined, hung a chaplet of milk-white beads and golden chains. The beads slid through the fingers of the Virgin, but her lips did not move; in place of reciting the Rosary, she doubtless listened to the everlasting echo of the Angelic Salutation that rose up form all parts of the earth.

The Virgin Mother According to Theology, Fr. J. Petitalot, 1889

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