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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Faith & Freedom - 1949


I wish I'd been a child, dear God,
When You were little too!
O! Think of all the lovely things
We would have thought to do!
Perhaps I would have lived across
The street, and every day
Perhaps You would have asked me to
Come over, God, and play?
Perhaps You would have taught me how
To saw up wood or clean
The shop or build a little house?
What fun that would have been!
And then perhaps when we had worked
At that for quite a while,
Your Mother would have come right in
And kissed us with a smile!
O! If only I'd been a child
When You were little too!
Just think, dear God, of all the things
We would have thought to do!

Mary Dixon Thayer

Faith & Freedom , Ginn & Company, 1949
For use in Catholic Grade Schools

St. Michael Pray of Us!


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