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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Ah Mary When

Ah Mary, when will the day come that I shall see myself safe at thy feet, and shall behold the mother of my Lord and my mother, who has been so occupied with my salvation?

Above all, I thank God who gives me such confidence in the blood of Jesus Christ and in thee; namely, that thou wilt save me, that thou wilt free me from my sins, and obtain for me light and strength to execute the divine will, and finally conduct me to the port of paradise.  

Received today from a fan of . . . Sing to Mary


In the days of Autumn old,
The leaves were a deeper shade of gold,
Now in the days of Autumn new,
The leaves have taken on a brighter hue,
The apples tasted so bitter then,
And now they taste sweet again,
The colors have faded from long ago,
The brown and rusts of bitterness and woe,
The corn husks have been laid to dry,
Along with all the tears I have cried,
The crimson red of the fallen leaves,
Has captured a soul that no longer bleeds,
And as Autumn turns into winter,
Jesus still loves me....a sinner.

Author: Marie Bernadette, 1990

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