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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hail Queen of Virgins

Prose In Honor of The Blessed Virgin

Missal of Cluny - 1523

The angel, entering the Virgin's chamber, and gently bidding her not to fear, says to her:

Hail, Queen of virgins! thou shalt conceive in thy womb the Lord of heaven and earth; and still remaining a Virgin, thou shalt bring forth the salvation of mankind, O gate of heaven bringing to the world the remedy of its iniquities!
  How shall this be, replied the Virgin, for I know not man? How wouldst thou have me break the vow which I have sworn to keep?
  The grace of the Holy Ghost shall accomplish all these things, said the angel. Fear not, but rejoice. I assure thee thy virginity shall be left intact: the power of God shall maintain it.
  To this the noble Virgin answering, said to the angel: I am the lowly handmaid of the omnipotent God.
  Consenting to thy word, O heavenly messenger, bearer of so great a secret, and desiring to see fulfilled what thou announces, I am ready to obey the decree of God.
  The angel left her, and in that moment her virginal womb conceived the Word made flesh from hers. 
  This was his chosen enclosure for nine months: then he left it, and began the great combat, carrying the cross upon his shoulders, wherewith he struck the enemy who brought death into the world.


O dear Mother of Jesus, who didst bring peace to angels and to men by giving birth to Christ.

Pray for us to this thy Son, that he be merciful to us, and forgive us our sins, and give us his assistance, whereby, after this exile, we may possess the blessed joys of eternal life. Amen 

by Dom Prosper  Granger O.S.B.
London, 1867



  1. Blessed Mother,please be my side, in this coming holy season. May we, together with my family come together in peace,love and forgiveness.