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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Miracle of Roses

In 1531 a lady from the heavens appeared to a humble native peasant named Juan Diego. She told him she was the perfect and eternal Virgin Mary, Mother of the true God, and made her desire known to him that a shrine be built there where she could demonstrate her love, her compassion and her protection.

Juan Diego asked the Lady for a sign he could take to the Bishop. Without delay she sent her humble messenger to the top of the hill where he found roses in bloom which he was to cut and bring to her. Placing them in his rough cloak, or Tilma, he brought the flowers to the Lady who told him to take them to the Bishop. This would be the sign to persuade him to carry out her wishes.

When Juan Diego stood before the Bishop he opened his Tilma to show the Bishop the sign. The roses cascaded to the floor and an exquisitely colored portrait of the blessed Virgin Mary appeared upon the coarse fabric of the peasant's Tilma.

An incredible list of miracles, cures and interventions are attributed to Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is honored every year on December 12th and the pageant is presented at the Old Adobe Mission at about that same time.  


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