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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Story of Our Lady of Fatima

The Story of Our Lady of Fatima
Chanticleer Booklets - 1949
Chapter One

They were Lucy, ten years old, youngest child of the Santo family, and her cousins, Francis and Jacinta Marto.

Lucy was a level-headed youngster, upright and truthful. She had the strong character of her mother, a woman of deep and sturdy faith with a passionate hatred of falsehood.

Jacinta was a tender, vivacious child, who charmed every one with her pretty ways. She was quick and intelligent. Francis was two years older than his sister. He had a good deal of affection for her, and listened solemnly to her gay chatter. Sometimes when she pouted, it pleased him to unbend from the dignity of his extra two years and give in to her.

The two Marto children often came to Lucy's house. The folk songs and legends of the country were to be heard aplenty within its hospitable walls. And Lucy's mother had not her equal for relating how Our Lord laid down his life because He loved men so, and how, during all the ages since, men and women have loved and died for love of Him.

So it is that Lucy, Francis and Jacinta became inseparable friends. They passed their days together. They ran and played and danced. And when they were breathless, they rested in their favorite nook behind the well in the Santos' garden. Lucy was usually called upon for a story, for she had something of Her mother's gift for telling about Jesus, His Mother and His Saints. Jacinta pleaded often to hear the account of why and how Christ suffered and died. She listened with tearful eyes, and said: "Poor Lord! I won't sin any more. I don't want Jesus to suffer." Francis became a still and pensive little man, a far-away look in his eyes.

Lucy was the only one of the trio to have made her First Communion. This experience made her wonderful to her friends. They were eager to be like her - entitled to receive the bread of angels, and to talk to Jesus brought into their young hearts.

Chanticleer Booklets
The National Rosary Shrine
Cap de la Madeleine
Canada, 1949

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