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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Will Your Pet go to Heaven? Mine Did.

I had a very difficult time with the passing of Aunt Bea. She had been my doggie soul mate for 13 years. When she left I was devastated. My world seemed empty. I wrestled with the great void Aunt Bea's passing had left inside of me. I couldn't let go of her and cried daily for weeks - that is until she came back for a visit.


I was in the basement near our clothes washer and low and behold Aunt Bea was sitting on top of a paper grocery sack filled with old clothes. I looked at her in amazement and said BEAAAAA! She gingerly climbed off the grocery bag and sash-shayed over to me as only she could do. She often did that little wiggle especially when meeting new people. It was her way of saying Hello.

I picked her up and held her close thinking only that I could not take my eyes off of her or my little darling would disappear. It was peculiar because my little 35 pound girl seemed to weigh nothing at all, but I could feel her shape and smell her puppy fur in my face. I ran up the steps shouting for Kathy. I remember shouting "Kathy! Aunt Bea! - Aunt Bea! I flew up the steps with my little girl in my arms and when I got to the landing Kathy was there but Aunt Bea was gone. As quickly as she came she had left.

I knew without a doubt that my little girl had come back to let me know all was well on her side of the fence. I was then able to let her go once and for all. I gave her to the Blessed Mother knowing she would be on the best of heavenly laps. 

Six Years Later:

My wife and I did get another Corgi: Charlie Marie is the girl on the left. Her friend Colton (right) came for a Valentine Day Visit.

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