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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

13. The Incomprehensibility of God

US Highway 20, Arco, Idaho, USA, 1949

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When we shall have been proved faithful and admitted to the presence of God we shall become capable of a higher manifestation of God by the light of glory. Our eyes will be opened, our intellect perfected, and God will be disclosed to our sight. Then we shall know things, which here below eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart conceived. We shall receive a special influx from God, or a light, which will enable us to apprehend the Beatific Vision. Yet even then the angels and the blessed will find God still unfathomable. For eternity they will go on, progressing in mental illumination and in ever new delights, and yet will never arrive at the end. God will remain for ever beyond all human capacity, however enlarged; for He will always be infinite, and we shall always have a finite receptivity. 

How miserable then will be the lot of those who have been content with the light of nature, have refused to receive or acknowledge the light of faith, and have thereby excluded themselves from the light of glory! They will remain in the darkness of ignorance for ever. Take care so to profit by faith here as to merit the fulness of illumination hereafter.

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