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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Vesper Prayer

Barbara Scott (sleeping ice skater), Switzerland, 1948

As the Dewy Shades of Even.

The Manual of Children of Mary - 1930 

As the dewy shades of even
Gather o'er the balmy air,
Listen, gentle Queen of Heaven,―
Listen to my vesper prayer.
Holy Mother, near me hover;
Free my thoughts from aught defiled;
With thy wings of mercy cover,
Safe from harm thy helpless child.

Thine own sinless heart was broken,―
Sorrow's sword had pierced it through:
Give, oh, give me some sweet token
Of thy tender love so true.
Queen of sorrows, guard and guide me;
Let me to thine arms repair;
In thy tender bosom hide me;
Mary, take me to thy care.

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