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Monday, March 13, 2017

The Simplicity of God

At the Camp,  1951, USA - Photo by Nina Leen

Endeavor to become more spiritual, and so more like to God, alienating yourself, as far as you can from flesh and blood by means of prayer and mortification.

The simple essence of God is all things; it is law, it is love, it is justice, it is eternity. Hence you cannot divide God so as to possess Him partially. You possess Him entirely or not at all. One mortal sin excludes God entirely from the soul. You cannot disobey one of His laws and have the merit of obeying all the others. He cannot be present with you in one respect and absent in another. Hence the impossibility of that which so many attempt, viz., serving God simultaneously with mammon, or the world, or self.

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Meditations on Christian Dogma
The Newman Press, 1961

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