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Sunday, May 14, 2017

14th Visit to Jesus & Mary

Beloved is mine, and I am His. (Canticles 2:16)


O Most Loving Jesus, I hear you speaking to me from the Tabernacle where you dwell, "This is my resting place for ever and ever. Here I shall dwell for it is the place that I have chosen." (Psal. 131). 

If you have chosen your dwelling place on our altars remaining here in the Most Holy Sacrament, and if the love you have for us makes you find your rest here; then here too my heart and my love should find a dwelling place always with you―here I shall find my rest and every joy. 

O loving souls, you who cannot find any sweeter rest in the whole world than being close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, blessed is your lot indeed; and happy shall I be, my dear Master, if from today forward I cannot find any sweeter joy than to rest in your presence and to think always of you―of you who remain ever present here, and who think only of me and of my good. 

Why, my dear Master, have I lost so many years in which I have not loved you? Unhappy years of my life, I mourn over you;  and I bless you, unlimited patience of my God for bearing with me so long, ungrateful as I have been to your love.  In spite of great ingratitude on my part you have waited for me:  and why?  For this one reason only―that one day at last, conquered by your love, I should give myself all to you. 

O Lord, I will resist no longer;  I will not be ungrateful any more. There is only one right thing for me to do now―to consecrate to you all the time of my life that remains to me, be it long, or be it short.  I look for help, O my Jesus,―for the help that I need to be entirely yours.  When I fled from you and when I despised you, you loved me: and you showed your love for me in many wonderful ways.  My hope is great that you will favor me now;  for now I am looking for you, and I am longing to love you. 

Give me the grace to love you, O my God;  for you are worthy of unbounded love.  I love you with all my heart;  I love you above all things;  I love you more than myself―more than my life.  I am sorry that I have offended you because you are Infinite Goodness. Pardon me, my Jesus, and when you give me your pardon, give me also the grace to love you with an exceeding great love―to love you in life, to love you in death, and to love you in the next life for all eternity. 

O God of almighty power, let the world see this mighty prodigy―that a poor ungrateful sinner, such as I have been, should now become one of your greatest lovers.  Do it, my Jesus, and do it by virtue of your own merits: this is the one thing I long for, for the rest of my life; this is the one thing I am resolved to do. You have inspired me with this desire: you must give me the strength to fulfill it.

Aspiration―My Jesus, I thank you for having waited for me until now.


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love you;  I want you to come to me.  Come into my heart;  I embrace you;  O never depart from me.   



I am the mother of holy love, and of fear 
and knowledge, and of holy hope.

St. Germanus addresses the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in these words, "No one can be saved but through you; no one can be freed from evil things but through you; no one can receive gifts but through you." My Lady, it is clear that if you do not help me I am lost, and I will never be able to come to Heaven to sing your praises. But all the Saints tell me that you do not forsake those who seek your help.  He is lost, and he only, who does not call on you. Poor as I am, I seek your help and in you I put all my trust. 

Aspiration of St. Bernard
―She is all my confidence, she is the total cause of my hope.

Prayer After Visit

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