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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

16th Little Visit to Jesus & Mary


It is certain that men would not be as unhappy as they are, if in all their trials and troubles they went to the Most Holy Sacrament to find a remedy there. 

Jeremias asks: "In Galaad is there no healing balm? Or is there no physician there? (Jer. 8). Venerable Bede comments: Galaad is a mountain in Arabia, rich in sweet smelling spices. This mountain is a figure of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, for there He keeps ever ready for us all the remedies needed for the sickness of our souls. 

Jesus Our Saviour, says to us: "Poor children of Adam, why do you complain of the sicknesses that afflict you. Here in the Blessed Sacrament you have the Physician, and the remedy too for every sickness of your soul: "Come to Me, all of you, and I will give you refreshment." 

With the sisters of Lazarus I shall say, "Look on the one you love, for he is sick. " My Master, I am the one, the unhappy one, whom you love; see how wounded my soul is―wounded by my sins. Come to me, my Divine Physician, and heal me; I know that you can heal me and that you will heal me: "O heal my soul, for I have sinned against you." 

O Jesus, my most sweet love, draw me wholly to you; for this make use of the most beautiful attractions of your love. I prefer to be bound in the bonds of your love rather than to be lord and ruler of the whole earth. I do not want anything in this world except your love. It is but little that I have to give in return: but if I could be the owner of all the kingdoms of the world, I would like to own them for this reason―to renounce them for the love of you. 

As it is, I renounce all that I have―my ease and comfort, my pleasures, even spiritual consolations. My liberty and my will I renounce for you―I want to give you everything that I value. You alone I love, O Boundless Goodness; I love you more than my life and I hope to love you through all eternity. 

Aspiration―My Jesus, I give you all; in your kindness accept my gift. 


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



Mary, Mother of Grace and of Mercy, help me 
against the efforts of my enemies.

My Lady, this is what you once said to St. Brigid: "If anybody comes back to me with a sincere will to change his life, it does not matter how great his sins are. I am ready to receive him at once on his return. I do not ask how great his sins have been, but only about his good will as he returns. I do not refuse to stoop over him, to pour oil on his wounds and to heal him. I am called the Mother of Mercy and so I truly am." 

If you have power to heal me, and you also want to heal me―look, I am coming to you. O Physician from Heaven, heal the wounds of my soul. Say only the word to your Son and I shall be healed. 

Aspiration―O Mary, have pity on me.

Prayer After Each Visit

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