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Friday, May 5, 2017

A Little Visit to Jesus & Mary - 5th Day

Almighty Father, I place the Precious Blood of Jesus before my lips before I pray, that my prayers may be purified before they ascend to Your divine altar.

"The sparrow finds for itself a shelter, and the turtle dove finds for itself a nest and there they place their young. But thy place of rest is the altar, O Lord of Hosts, my King and my God." (Psal. 83). 

David tells us the sparrow finds its place of dwelling among the houses; the turtle dove in its nest. But that you, my King and my God, have found your shelter and the place of your rest on earth upon our altars. It is there you are found; and it is there you dwell together with us. 

O Lord, is there any need for us to say that you are too much in love with men: it seems that you do not know anything more that you can attempt, to make yourself loved by them. But yes, O Most Lovable Jesus, you can do yet one more thing: set our hearts on fire with a greater love for you. It is surely not right that we should be cold in the love that we have for that God who loves us with such an intense love. With the sweet bonds of your love draw us more closely to you: yes, my Jesus, give us a deep knowledge of all those beautiful qualities of yours which will so inspire our love. 

O Majesty which is Infinite, O Goodness which is Boundless
it is you who love men with so great love; it is you who have done so much in order to be loved by men. 

And yet how does it come about that there are so few who love you in return? But I at least do not wish to be any longer
as I once was―among the number of these unhappy and ungrateful ones. I am resolved to love you as much as I can and to love no other than you. You deserve all my love; you command and insist that I love you; and for me, my only wish is to satisfy your longing. 

Bring it about, O God of my soul, that I may be able to satisfy you fully; this favor I beg of you through the merits of your Passion, and this is what I hope for. 

As to the goods of this world, give them to those who want them; but for me, my only wish, and my one petition, is for the great treasure of your love. 

O my Jesus, O Goodness that is Boundless, I love you; I love you. You are my whole Treasure; you are my whole Happiness; you are all my Love.

―My Jesus, you have given your whole self to me; I give my whole self to you. 


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.       



Vivifying Source!
My heart is a fountain of living water where my servants come to find strength.

My Lady, St. Bernard says you are the Ravisher of Hearts. With your beauty and your goodness you go around stealing hearts. O I pray you, steal this heart of mine also, together with my will; I make a complete gift of it to you; unite it with your own and offer it to God. 
Aspiration―O Mother Most Lovable, pray for me.

Prayer After Each Visit

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