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Friday, May 12, 2017

Little Visit to Jesus & Mary - 12th Day

It is by the virtue of my blood, that the heart is purified and absolved.


"God is love.  He that dwells in love dwells in God, and God in him."  He that loves Jesus lives in Jesus, and Jesus lives in him:  "If any man love Me, he will be loved of My Father, and We will come to him and We will make our dwelling within him." 

St. Philip Neri was about to receive Our Lord in the Viaticum;  as the Most Holy Sacrament entered the room he exclaimed, "See, here is my love;  here is my love."  "See, here is my Love; here is the object of all my love in this life and in eternity"
―this should be the cry of every one of us when we find ourselves in the presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. 

In the Gospel, Jesus, My Lord and My God, you tell me that if I love you, I will be loved in return by you; and that you will come to me and dwell in me, so that you and I will never more be parted. Jesus, I do love you more than anything:  Oh! Love me too.  I value being loved by you above all the kingdoms of the whole world.  Come, and make yourself a lasting dwelling in this poor house of my soul;  and in such a way that never again will you go away from me. Or rather
―to speak more correctly―so that I may never again send you away; for you do not go unless you are driven out.  But as such a thing has already happened: so it is possible for it to happen again.  O do not let such a dreadful thing ever again take place in this world―such a repetition of disloyalty and ingratitude, as that I should act in this way―I, who have been singled out by you for special proofs of love, and given such special favors;  that I should drive you again from my soul!―And yet it could happen.  O my God, I want to die if it please you;  so that united to you in death, I may live united to you for ever.  Yes, my Jesus, this is my hope.  I embrace you;  I press you to my poor heart―O let me ever love you and ever be loved by you.  My Savior, my most lovely one, I will love you always:  you will love me always.  My hope is that without ceasing, O God of my soul, we will love one another, and love one another for all eternity.  So let it be.

―My Jesus, always I wish to love you:
always I wish to be loved by you.


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament.  I love you;  I want you to come to me.  Come into my heart;  I embrace you;  O never depart from me.  



"Those who work in me shall not sin." (Eccl. 24). Those who are employed in my worship, says Mary, will remain ever faithful:  "Those who make me known will have eternal life;"  and those who are employed in making me known and loved by others are destined for heaven. Promise that when you can you will always speak, both in public and in private, of Mary's glories and of devotion to her.  

―O Sacred Virgin, make me worthy to tell your praises.

Prayer After Visit

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