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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Month of Mary - The Story of Mary and St. Mary of Oignies

The Story:

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St. Mary of Oignies loved prayer so much that she practised it even at night-time. Upon the wish of her parents she married; but by her constant prayer she obtained also for her husband the grace of living in virginal purity. Thereupon they devoted themselves to the care of the poor sick. In order to strengthen themselves against the scoff of mockery of the worldly-minded people, they meditated upon the bitter passion of Jesus Christ. Mary, moreover, was filled with the tenderest devotion to the blessed Virgin. She was accustomed to make two pilgrimages every year, and walked bare-footed over snow and ice in the severest winters without injuring herself. She recited many prayers in honour of the blessed Mother of God; she fasted austerely; she scourged herself and offered the sufferings to God and the blessed Virgin. But especially did she love to visit the sick, as did the blessed Virgin to Elizabeth. She often sang the Magnificat in honour of the Mother of God. It was her last song before her death in the year 1213.

The Prayer:

Change my proud heart, O blessed Virgin Mary, by thy powerful intercession that I may become humble, grateful to God and eager to serve my fellow-men. Obtain also for me a better will of assisting, especially those who are in need of help, through love of God, so that thus I may perform the will of God and receive an eternal reward. Amen.

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