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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Month of Mary - 23rd Day

The Story:

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In her tenth year St. Bridget was once moved most intensely, whilst listening to a sermon upon the Passion of Christ In the following night she believed to see Jesus, His whole body lacerated by the scourges and entirely covered by wounds. At the same time she thought that she heard a voice saying to her: "Daughter! look upon my wounds!" The good child became frightened and asked: "Ah! who has ill-treated Thee in such a manner?" And the voice replied: "Not only the Jews have done this; all those do the same, who despise my love."- The impression left by this mysterious dream in her heart, could never be removed; and from that time forward the Passion had become the subject of her frequent and very earnest meditations, at which she could not refrain from tears. Of her devotion and love to Mary, the Mother of God, no description could be given. Not for a single moment of her life did she leave this devotion. Hence she was favored frequently by the blessed Mother of God with revelations. Thus she lived until her holy death.

The Prayer:

O holy Mother Mary! pray for me, thy unworthy child, that I may never act contrary to God's holy will, that I may practice only virtues and persevere unto my end, so that I may be glorified hereafter and obtain the crown of eternal life. Amen.

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