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Monday, May 29, 2017

Month of Mary - 29th Day

The Story:

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If we seek the divine light of the Holy Ghost through Mary, we shall find it. The renowned Dominican, St. Albert the Great, was ardently attached to Mary. He was very pious, but almost despaired when studying, and intended to leave the monastery. Mary appeared to him in his sleep, asking him what he was about to do. He replied: "Ah, all my fellow students study easily; I alone am so troubled; all my efforts to study are useless; I am the object of laughter for all." The blessed Lady answered: "Be of good cheer; thou shalt excel in all sciences; but that you may not forget, that it is not owing to thy diligence and intellect, but to my intercession, know that shortly before thy death, all thy knowledge shall leave thee." And thus it happened three years before his holy death.

The Prayer:

Teach me, holy Mary, full of grace, to pray incessantly for this good spirit, that I may not be overpowered by the spirit of worldliness, and follow the ways leading to perdition. Grant, by thy intercession, that I may lead a life according to the dictates of my faith, and be thus enabled to praise the Triune God in heaven forever. Amen.

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