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Monday, May 22, 2017

The Story of St. Paul and Mary

The Story:

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St. Paul of the Cross received a careful training from his devout mother, so that he afterwards admitted: "If I am saved, I owe it in many ways to my mother." When he grew up to be a young man he resolved to work zealously for the salvation of man. He therefore founded on order, which by preaching the bitter Passion of our Lord and of His afflicted Mother, should lead sinners to penance and conversion. This bitter Passion he made the subject of frequent and particular meditation, so that he wrought then indescribable good by word and by example. He also venerated Mary, the Mother of sorrows, most tenderly. Even in the severest sickness he did not neglect to recite the rosary, always saying: "I wish to say the rosary, as long as I can." The feasts of Mary he celebrated with pleasure; the sorrows of Mary were often the subject of his public speech. Thus he lived as a servant of the suffering Redeemer of of His afflicted Mother, and died in the year 1775.

The Prayer:

O Mary, how sorrow-stricken was thy maternal heart, when thou didst leave thy beloved Son upon His way to cruel suffering and death! By this thy affliction and by thy intercession obtain for me the grace of patience of resignation unto the will of my heavenly Father in all my sufferings until the hour of my death. Amen.

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