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Monday, June 12, 2017

Catechism Lessons - 4

A Catholic priest carries the Eucharist into the home of a dying child while siblings kneel at the roadside. Quebec, Canada, 1942.


How is the soul like to God?

The soul is like God because it is a spirit that will never die, and has understanding and free will.

What is a spirit?
A spirit is an intelligent being without a body. There are three classes of spirits: God, the Angels, and our souls.
In the case of man, however, the spirit or soul, is united to a body; God and the angels are pure spirits, because they are not united to a body.

What is the soul?
The soul is the spiritual part of man, which gives life to his body.

What means "the soul will never die?"
"The soul will never die" means that the soul will never cease to exist.
The soul may die the spiritual death of mortal sin, but it will not cease to exist.

Which are the chief powers of the soul?
The chief powers of the soul are memory, will, and understanding: three powers in one soul, as there are three Persons in one God. 

Advanced Catechism of Catholic Faith and Practice, 1922

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