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Saturday, July 1, 2017

22. Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest!


Will the Holy Ghost abide with the Church forever?
The Holy Ghost will abide with the Church forever, and guide it in the way of holiness and truth.

Is not the Holy Ghost everywhere?
As God, the Holy Ghost is everywhere; but, as the Spirit of Truth and the Sanctifier of souls, He is especially in the Church and its members.
What should we practice devotion to the Holy Ghost?
We should practice devotion to the Holy Ghost, because He is the Sanctifier of souls, and with His divine aid we can do all that is necessary for eternal life.

Is the Holy Ghost equal to the Father and the Son?
The Holy Ghost is equal to the Father and the Son, being the same Lord and God as they are. 

Prayer to God's Mother

Advanced Catechism of Catholic Faith, 1922 (Page 47).

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