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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Postcard To Heaven - 02/06

"She is like a beautiful olive tree in the meadow."

Mary tells us: I am the lovely olive tree from which the soothing oil is ever flowing. I stand in the midst of the meadows so that all can see me and everybody can come to me.

Let us speak to her with St. Bernard: "O Most Loving Mother, keep it in mind that since the beginning of time nobody has heard it said that you ever cast off one that came to you for protection." O Most Gentle Queen, nobody has ever heard of such a thing that a client who went to you for help was left forsaken. So it is not likely that I will be the only poor unfortunate one that came to you and was left an outcast.

Aspiration―O Mary, this is the grace I seek―always to come to you for help.

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