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Friday, March 2, 2018

Second Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

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Father Nieremberg says: Bread may be eaten at once for nourishment, or it may be kept for use in the future. For this reason Jesus chose it in giving the Eucharist. By being received He unites Himself to the souls of those who love Him; by remaining in the Tabernacle He is always present with them. This is the method He employs to keep the thought of His love always in our mind. 
St. Paul says, "He made Himself nothing and took the form of a servant." (Phil.2:7). But what should we say when we see Him "take the form of bread"? 

St. Peter of Alcantara assures us that the greatness of the love of Jesus for a soul in the state of grace is beyond the power of words to describe. 

Our most loving Lord wished to make certain that when he left this earth He would not be forgotten because of His absence. Some pledge He could leave as a proof of His love; but no pledge, whatever it be, was sufficient. The only thing that could satisfy Him would be to remain with us Himself; this He did by means of the Blessed Sacrament. Nothing but His own presence would do to keep alive His memory between these two
―Jesus and the soul He loved. 

Since you are here within this Tabernacle, my Jesus, to listen to the prayers of those who are in need, and who come to speak with you; listen now to the petition of the poor sinner who of all men living has been the most ungrateful. 

I have come to your feet repentant, for I know the wrong that I did when I displeased you; so my first wish is that you will forgive me all the wrong I have done. O my God, how I wish that I had not ever caused displeasure to you; from this you will know what I long for now. Since I have learned to know how supremely lovable you are I have become filled with love of you, and I feel an intense longing to love you more and to give you pleasure; but unless you yourself help me, I have not the power to do this. O Great and Almighty Lord, let the whole of Paradise see the greatness of your power and your boundless kindness; bring about a change in me, so that from obstinately resisting you I may become a great lover of you. You are able to do it. You wish to do it. Supply everything that is wanting in me. Do this yourself; so it will come to pass that I will love you exceedingly
―at least let me love you as much as I once offended you. 

O my Jesus, I love you; I love you above everything; I love you more than my own life
―my God, my Love, my All.

"My God and my All." 


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.   



"Let us confidently approach the Throne of Grace where we will receive mercy and timely help" (Hebr.4:16)
St. Antoninus tells us that this Throne is Mary. Through her God distributes all graces. 

O Queen most lovely, if you wish so much to help poor sinners, here before you is a great sinner who seeks your help. Let your help to me be powerful. Let your help to me be prompt.  

Sole refuge of sinners, have pity on me.
(St. Augustine).

Prayer After Visit

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