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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tenth Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

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Poor foolish slaves of the world, says St. Augustine, where do you think that you are going to satisfy your hearts' desires? Come to Jesus, because He alone is able to give you the happiness that you are looking for: "Unhappy people, where are you going? The good you are in search of comes from Him alone." 

And what about myself? Am I going to be just as senseless as they are, by acting in the same foolish way as they do? No; I will seek for God alone. 

"Seek for that One Good," adds St. Augustine, "in whom you will find every good;" and if you wish to find Him immediately, here He is
―close beside you. Tell Him what you want; because that is why He is in the Tabernacle―to give you consolation and to listen to what you have to say. 

St. Teresa reminds us that the privilege of speaking with a King is not given to everybody; the best that most can hope for is to make a petition through a third person. 

But to speak with you, the King of Glory, we do not need anybody to intervene; you are ready to give audience to all
―and at all times―in this Sacrament. Anybody that wishes for it finds you always there―there he speaks to you as friend to friend. 

Occasionally, but only after long and difficult routine, someone may be permitted to speak directly to a King; and it is but seldom
―maybe a few times a year―that kings grant audience. But in this Sacrament you grant audience both night and day to all without exception, and just as frequently as we wish for it. 

O Sacrament of love, whether you give yourself in Holy Communion, or whether you remain upon the altar, you know how to draw many hearts to yourself with those loving attractions of yours; so that, in love with you, they remain lost in the contemplation of your goodness: and ardent in their joy their thoughts are for you alone. 

O draw my poor heart to you also, for it wants to love you more and to spend itself as the servant of your love. From today forward I entrust to the care of your goodness all my interests, all my hopes, all my love: my soul and my body. Accept me O Lord, and do with me whatever you please. 

I will not complain any more, O my loved Master, of the ways in which you have arranged things for my welfare. All that matters to me is that they come forth from your loving Heart; so love must be their cause and they must be for my good. That you want them so is enough for me: I want them so too both here and in eternity. Do everything you wish to me, and with me. I will work in perfect union with your will;  for it alone is holy, it alone is Goodness itself, it alone is all-beautiful; and in it are all perfection and loveliness. 

How dear you are to me, O Will of God!  Always in the closest union with you I wish both to live and to die: your joy is my joy. My one ambition is that your desires be my desires also. My God, my God, O help me! From today forward make me live for you alone: alone, to do what you wish; alone, to love your Will which is all lovely. O let me die for love of you, for you have died for love of me and you have become the very food of my soul. 

O how unhappy were the days in which I clung to my own will and thus offended you! I love you now, O Will of God, in the same way as I love God Himself
―because you are God Himself. Yes, even so, with all my heart I love you, and to you I now make this complete gift―the total gift of myself.

―O Will of God, all my love is yours.



Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



This great Queen tells us, "In my possession are riches . . . so that I can make all who love me rich." (Prov. 8). If we wish to be rich with the graces of God we will love Mary. "Idiota" calls her, "The Treasure Store of Graces." O happy are the people who go to Mary with confidence and love. I hope to become holy through you, for you can make me holy, O Mary, My Hope.

―O Loving Mother, pray for me.

Prayer After Visit

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