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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Month of Mary - 17th Day

  The Story:

Blessed Jane of France, daughter of King Louis XI., often read the narration of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ with profound reverence, and only amid tears did she close the sacred Scriptures as often, as she had read and meditated upon it.  At the same time she was drawn so forcibly by the sublime virtues which Mary, the ever-blessed Virgin, manifested at the salutation of the Angel, that she founded an order under the title of the Annunciation, which confirmed by several Popes spread with great approbation and blessing. The rules of the order were founded principally upon the virtues of the holy Mother of God, namely: constant faith, firm hope, ardent love, angelic purity, profound humility, punctual obedience, glowing devotion and piety, and Christian prudence. Jane herself gave the most beautiful example of these virtues to her sisters in religion. Therefore she was also favoured by special graces from Jesus and Mary, whose zealous venerator she was until death in the year 1504.

The Prayer:

Replenish us, O holy Mother of God, with the liveliest sentiments of gratitude for the coming and incarnation of Jesus Christ. Daily will I recite the Angelic salutation with the greatest devotion; assist thou me to draw from thence the grace of always making one step farther in the devotion of thy spirit and in the humility of thy heart that I may love ever more the mystery of the incarnation. Amen.

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