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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Month of Mary - Second Day

St Francis of Sales (left) and St. Philip Neri (right)
And Sweetest Mother & Son (source)

The Story:

St. Francis of Sales, of whom it can be said, that his heart was a true likeness of the most sacred heart of Jesus, possessed an extraordinary, tender love to Mary, the ever blessed Virgin. From the days of childhood he venerated Mary by special prayers and with remarkable devotion. Those prayers he recited daily. When he became sixteen years of age he was tempted by that dreadful thought, that belonging to the reprobate he could no longer love God. In his despondency, anxiety and torture of mind, he prostrated himself before an altar of the blessed Virgin, and recited amid tears the "Memorare." Hardly had he finished, when he already felt the assistance of Mary; the evil spirit was forced to flee; comfort and joy re-entered his heart. Therefore as a mark of gratitude he daily recited the rosary in honor of Mary, and continued to do so during forty years so faithfully, that he did not omit one day despite his many labors and oft enfeebled strength the recital of this prayer.  Let us follow his example.


I salute thee, Mary, thou kindest Virgin! thou art my Mother, my Lady! I therefore beseech thee to accept me as thy son and servant, for I desire to have no other mother and lady, but thee. I pray thee, good Mother, may it please thee to comfort me in all my anxieties and both corporal and spiritual necessities. Lead me upon all my ways and in all my actions guide thou and protect me, for I, poor creature, am much in need of thy protection. Shield my body and my soul against all evils and dangers, and let me partake of thy virtues on earth and of thy riches in heaven. Amen.

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