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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mr. Lambert

St. Peter Catholic Church, Jefferson, South Dakota

Years ago while visiting my mother-in-law at Holy Spirit nursing home in Sioux City, Iowa,  I struck up a friendship with Mr. Lambert who was also a resident there.  He was losing his memory but as bad as it became over the years that I knew him, he always greeted me in the language of his altar boy days. 

You too, can learn this beautiful greeting which my friendship with Mr. Lambert began.
Remember that some words in English are implied in Latin so there is not a word for word translation.

Dóminus,      vobiscum
The Lord       be with you.

Et        cum      spíritu   tuo.
And     with      your spirit.

 Where Mr. Lambert spent his altar boy days.

Mr. Lambert is buried in the cemetery shown on the left.

 Mr. Lambert, pray for us. 


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