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Friday, October 21, 2016

Did You Know? - There is More. . .

Lourdes, 2016

Click on Mary's Crown  to Open the Links Below

1. My Mother Mary - Facebook  
2. My Mother's Rosary  
3. My Daily Prayers  
4. Mary's Little Office  
5. Her Eyes - A Study  
6. My Mother's Radio  
7. Mary's Map  
8. Divine Mercy Chaplet  
9. My Mother's Movies  
10. My Mother's Angelus  
11. Little Visits to Jesus & Mary  
12. My Daily Meditations  
13. My Mother's Way Home  
14. The Lightning Storm  
15. The Thirty Day's Prayer  
16. My Mother's Litany  
17. My Mother's Feast Days  
18. My Mother's First Fridays  
19. My Mother's Photo Album  
20. Where Roses Fall  
21. Our Journey to Lourdes  
22. Sacred Heart Novena  
23. Our Lady of Wengen  
24. My Mother's Bookshelf  
25. The Pilgrim on His Way to Eternity  
26. Being Catholic  
27. Write This Down  
28. Our Lady of Lourdes - H. Lasserre  
29. Dust Boy  


Add any of the Above Links to your iPhone in three easy steps.

1. Browse for the URL address.
2. Click on the Up Arrow at the bottom of your iPhone screen.
3. Click on Add to Home screen & Voilà.

O My Lady, you have done so much for me.  Little indeed will it be if I can wear myself out and use up my life for you and your dear Son Jesus.

Your ever loving Dust Boy

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