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Thursday, December 8, 2016

This Beautiful Cloud

Hymn from the Anthology of the Greeks

It is the Virgin Mary; says St. Jerome, a cloud laden with a refreshing Dew, since it holds the Just One, who is to be rained down upon us, that our seething passions may be quenched, and the soil of our spiritual life made fertile. How sweet is the majesty of our divine King, when seen thus through this beautiful cloud! O incomparable Virgin! the whole Church of God recognizes thee in that mysterious cloud which the prophet Elias, from the summit of Mount Carmel, saw rising up from the sea, little at first, like a man's foot, but sending at last such a plentiful rain that all Israel was refreshed by its abundance. Delay not, we pray thee; give us that heavenly and divine Dew which thou possesses within thee. 


Let us now be glad in the Lord, and in the Son of God, and be ready to receive him in his glorious coming.  Amen.

by Dom Prosper  Granger O.S.B.
London, 1867


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