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Friday, December 16, 2016

What Bliss is Thine

Prose In Honor of The Blessed Virgin
(Taken from an ancient Roman-French Missal) 

Hail! Mother of the divine Word! Hail, most humble and most spotless Virgin!
   Rejoice, thou Mother of a Son who supports thee! Rejoice, thy burden is a burden most sweet to bear!
     Hail, branch of Jesse, Fruit-bearing branch! Hail gate of the temple, closed to all but God!
     Be glad, thou fleece of Gideon, full of the dew of the holy Spirit! Be glad, thou tent of Solomon, of all the first in beauty!
     What bliss is thine, that thou the humble star shouldest be clad with the Sun, and then bring forth the Sun! What bliss is thine, that thou shouldest be elected the bright ladder reaching up to heaven!
     Sing to thy God, thou aurora rising in the light of the new Star! Sing, thou ark of the covenant, bearing unto us sinners thy three treasures.
     Oh! let thy soul magnify Jesus! and oh! sweet Mary, pray that, with thee, we too may magnify him.  Amen.

by Dom Prosper  Granger O.S.B.
London, 1867


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