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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Lets Go To Holy Mass

Prayer to Our Lady for Holy Communion

O most loving Mother, you who prepared the first resting place for God on earth; who prepared the manger for Him on Christmas night, and your own pure heart again and again to receive Him in Holy Communion, prepare mine for Him now. and make hast, Mother dear, for the time is short. Would that I had the heart and love with which thou didst communicate. Give me this morning, thy Jesus, as thou didst give Him to the shepherds and kings. I intend to receive Him from thy most pure hands. Tell Him that I am thy child, for He will thus look upon me with a more loving eye, and now that He is coming, will press me more closely to His Sacred Heart. Amen.

Manual of The Children of Mary
Daughters of Charity, 1935

My wife and I have moved into a small condominium and are selling many of our books.  We hope that you can find something that you like. 

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