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Saturday, March 4, 2017

With All My Heart

Mrs, Pasquale Trani praying for her soldier son, Toni During WWII.
St. Matthews's Catholic Church, New York City, 1943.

My dear Jesus, I desire with all my heart to thank You for giving Your own Blessed Mother to be my Mother also. Sinner as I am, this is my consolation in this vale of tears. I know that You can never refuse to grant me the graces which she asks in my behalf. And thou, O Mary, remain with thy children of Calvary. What would become of us without such a mother? Intercede here and now with Thy Divine Son for all my needs. There are sins without number to be expiated, passions to be subdued, evil inclinations to be rooted out, temptations to be conquered. Do thou, Mother of God and my Mother, take these wants into thy bosom and present them to thy Son. He will not refuse to hear and grant them. Address Him by those powerful words, "My Son." With such a preface to your petitions, there is nothing too great for you to ask or for Him to grant.  

Eucharistic Hours 
Pellegrini & Co.,
Sydney, Australia, 1939

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