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Friday, May 19, 2017

Month of Mary - 20th Day

The Story:

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  St. Gertrude was accustomed to meditate upon the mysteries of the life and death of Jesus and His dear Mother Mary. On a certain Candlemasday she joyful in the Lord, said at the first tap of the bell: "My heart and soul salute Thee, O most amiable Saviour; at the sound of this bell, which announces to us on this day the feast of thy most blessed Mother." And Jesus replied: "At this same sound of the bell my sincerest kindness knocks at the gate of my divine mercy, in order to obtain pardon for all your sins." "When St. Gertrude complained that on account of ill-health she could not celebrate the feast in the choir, the Lord led her in spirit into a beautiful temple. There she beheld all the events of this mystery and those connected with it. At the close she noticed, how Jesus gave His Mother to understand that He would grant all her petitions. Therefore, Gertrude always manifested special confidence in Mary.

The Prayer:

O Mary, thou didst enter the temple as a joyful Mother; thou hast left it after Simeon's prophecy as a sorrowful Mother. Assist me to thank God joyfully for all blessings received, to obey His holy commands and to make a sacrifice of my own will to Him. Help me to bear all grief, sorrow and afflictions that may accompany me through this life, that hereafter I may enjoy heaven forever. Amen.

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