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Monday, December 4, 2017

7. The Immensity of God

Blowing Bubbles, USA, 1946

God is ubiquitous or actually present in all created space. In those great expanses beyond our solar system which surpass the capacity of arithmetic to describe, and which the swift rays of light take thousands of centuries to traverse, God is present. He is above all things, not as being locally elevated, but as presiding over all: He is under all things, not as being abased, but as sustaining all: He is within all, not as being enclosed, but as filling them: He is outside all things, not as being excluded, but as enveloping them. Most literally then "in Him we live and move and be" (Acts xvii. 28).

Remember always this all-absorbing presence of the infinite God, and be ever full of respect for Him in all your words and thoughts and actions. 

We pray you have a Healthy & Holy Advent Season!
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Corgi Club Christmas Party
Scottsdale, Arizona - Advent Sunday - 2017

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