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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Third Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

Dedication, Introduction & Index

Faith is Visionary. She acknowledges her God in the chalice while the unbelieving see only worthless nourishment.


"My delights are to be with the children of men.

See our loving Jesus: He has died on the Cross for love of us; but this is not enough. In the Most Holy Sacrament He will continue with us even after His death; and He assures us that it is with us men He finds His deepest joys. 

"O men," exclaims St. Teresa, "how can it possibly be that you will continue to offend that God, who tells you that it is in you that He finds His deepest joys!" Jesus delights to be with us. Can it be possible that we do not delight to be with Jesus. And, most of all, we
yes, wewho are so honored as to live in His palace. 

A subject is honored indeed when the King asks him to live in the palace. But here are we, living with Jesus Christ in this house which is His own palace. Let us learn to be grateful to Him. Let us learn to put its true value on this familiar intercourse with Jesus Christ. 

Yes here I am, my Lord and my God before this altar, the place where you rest night and day for love of me. You are the spring from which every good thing flows; you are the doctor that heals every sickness; you are the treasure that makes rich every man who is poor. Here I am at your feet today
a sinner; the poorest of all, the weakest of all; and here I seek your mercy. Have pity on me. 

No. I will not allow my unhappy state to make me lose courage, because I know well that you have come down from Heaven to earth in this Sacrament for this one and only reason
to do me good. 

I will praise you; I will thank you; I will love you; if you want me to ask you for a gift, here is my petition
O listen to meI want never again any more to offend you. I want you to give me the light and grace to love you with all my power.  

O my God, I love you;  I love you with all my soul; I love you with all my affections. O see to it that when I say this I say it truly. Let me say it in this life. Let me say it in eternity. 

And I call you to help me
Mary Most Holy, my Patron Saints, all you Saints and Angels of Heaven. Help me to love my God because He is most beautiful and lovely. 

O Jesus Good Shepherd, O Jesus True Bread, have mercy on us. Feed us, and protect us, and show us good things in the land of the living. 



Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.   



My Good Guardian Angel, lead me to My Mother Mary

"Her bonds are bonds that bring redemption (Eccl.6:3). 

Pelbart, a devoted servant of Mary, tells us that devotion to her is a chain; but the chain is not one of bondage. It is a succession of graces that surely ends in Heaven. Let us ask Our lady and she will bind us; but she will bind us ever more closely with the bonds of love, and of confidence in her protection.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary.

Prayer After Each Visit

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