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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Fourth Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

Dedication, Introduction & Index

Prepare Your Hearts!
Here is The Lord and All His Paradise.

"There is not bitterness in his conversation, and there is no weariness when in his company." (Wisd. 8:16). 

There are friends who are so happy when they meet that entire days pass quickly by in the company of each other: but there are those who become weary when with Jesus in this Sacrament and it is because they do not love Him. As for the Saints
it was in the presence of the Most Holy Sacrament that they found their paradise on earth. 

After her death, St. Teresa speaking  from Heaven said to one of her nuns: "The Blessed in Heaven and those who still dwell on the earth should be alike in the purity of their lives and in their love. We are in the possession of joys: you are in the midst of trials. What the Beatific Vision is to us in Heaven, the Blessed Sacrament should be to you who are exiled on earth." Here then is our Paradise on earth
it is found in the Most Holy Sacrament. 

O spotless Lamb, you were sacrificed for me on the Cross; be mindful that I am one of the souls that you redeemed with so great pain and with your death. Since you have given yourself to me
and you continue to give yourself to me every day by sacrificing yourself for love of me on the altarbring it about that you may really be mine and that I may never lose you: and let me also be entirely yours. 

I give myself all to you that you may do with me just as you please. I give you my will; bind it to yourself with the sweet bonds of your love, so that for ever it may remain the faithful servant of your most holy will. 

I want to live, not to satisfy my own wishes any more, but to make you happy because you are so good. If there is anything in me that does not please you take it away, and in its place give me this one grace
to have no thought for anything except to make you happy; to have no wish for anything except for your good-pleasure. My dearest Redeemer, with all my heart I love you; and the reason why I love you is because you are so deserving of love. It grieves me to know that I cannot love you as much as you deserve. Would that I could die for love of you! Jesus, my Lord, accept my intense desire and give me the grace to love you more. 

Amen; so may it be.

My God, I make a complete sacrifice of myself to your good-pleasure.


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.  



Who will give me the wings of the dove
to fly to my Mother? 

 "I am the Mother of beautiful love"am the Mother of the love that makes beautiful. This is what Mary says; and it means―of the love that gives beauty to the soul. St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi saw Our Lady going from place to place; she who is full of Holiness was distributing a sweet liquid and the Liquid was Divine Love. This precious gift comes to us only through her; let us ask her for it.   
AspirationMy Mother, my Hope, make me belong all to Jesus.

Prayer After Each Visit

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