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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Eighth Little Visit to Jesus and Mary

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"Rise up, make haste, my friend, my lovely one, and come to me." (Cant. 2). These are the words of the Sacred Spouse in the Canticles. They are spoken also by Jesus to every soul that visits Him in the Most Holy Sacrament. 

Rise up: lift yourself above your own poverty. My friend: since you come to visit me, for I am here to make you rich by my favours. Make hast: come very close to me and do not be afraid of my Majesty
―my Majesty is humbled in this Sacrament because I wish to take all fear from you and to give you confidence. 

My friend, you love me and I love you; you cannot now be an enemy of mine
―you are my friend. My lovely one, my grace has made you beautiful. Come to me: come near to me and embrace me, and then with great confidence ask of me all that you want. 

St. Teresa tells us: Jesus the mighty King of Glory puts on a disguise in this Sacrament, which is the form of bread; in this way He hides His Majesty so that we will come near to His Sacred Heart with the greatest confidence. 

O let us come close then to Jesus
―very confident and full of love―and making ourselves one with Him we shall ask for His favors. 

O Eternal Word, how great should be my joy! You became Man and are present here in the Blessed Sacrament for me; I know that I stand in your presence and you are my God; your Majesty is infinite, your Goodness is boundless
―and it is you, my God, who love me with so mighty a love. 

O all you lovers of God wherever you are found, in heaven or on earth, love Him for me also. Mary my Mother, help me to love Him. And you, my Lord and My God, you who are so lovely, today make yourself the one and only object of my love; make yourself complete Master of my will and take full possession of my whole being. To you I consecrate my mind: let its thoughts be always of your goodness. To you I consecrate my body: help me that I may be pleasing to you. To you I consecrate my soul: let it be wholly yours. 

O Beloved of my heart, I would that all men knew the marvellous depths of the love you have for them, and then all would spend their lives for this one end
―to love you and to give you pleasure; in the way you want them to do, and to the extent that you deserve it. 

As for myself, I want to live always in love with your boundless beauty; I want to do everything I can from this day forward with the one aim of giving joy to you. 

I am resolved to give up anything at all, whatever it be, if it displeases you; it does not matter what the cost be to myself, for rather than displease you I prefer to lose everything, even my life. My God, my treasure, my love, my all: O how happy will I be if I lose everything to gain possession of you.  

Aspiration―Take everything from me and take me all to yourself, Jesus my God. 


Jesus, I believe you are in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love you; I want you to come to me. Come into my heart; I embrace you; O never depart from me.   



"If you are a little one, then come to me (Prov. 8). Mary calls on every child who has need of a mother to come and seek her because she is of all mothers the most lovely. Nuremberg expresses her love for us in these words: What is the love of all other mothers but a mere shadow beside the love of Mary for each of us.

O Mother, O Mother of my soul, you love me and you long for my salvation so intensely that only God longs for it more than you do. O Mary, prove yourself a Mother to me.

Aspiration―O Mother, you are mine; let me ever remember you.

Prayer After Visit

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