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Monday, January 9, 2017

Thou Star of The Sea

We salute thee, too, O Mary, thou Star of the Sea that shines on the waters of this life, giving calm and protection to thy tempest-tossed children who invoke thee! Thou didst pray for the Magi as they traversed the desert; guide also our steps, and bring us to Him who is thy Child and thy Light eternal.

Sissel Kyrkjebø - Ave Maris Stella

The Menæa of the Greek Church furnish us with these beautiful stanzas in honor of the holy Mother of God.

O most august Queen! thou wast the untilled land that gavest us our Wheat, Jesus, the Lord and feeder of the universe; by eating this bread we are restored to life.
Seeing our Lord made incarnate from thee, chaste Virgin! we confess thee to be in very deed the Mother of God, that didst thus become, we hesitate not to proclaim it, the cause of the regeneration of all things. 
He, the Being above all being, who was a pure spirit, took flesh to himself from thy pure blood, O Spotless Maid! and remaining God as before, he was made flesh, and lived among men. 
Nature's Laws were truly suspended in thee, most pure Virgin! for thou remainest a Virgin after thy delivery, as thou wast before it, for thou didst give birth to him who is the giver of all laws, Christ.

Spotless Mother of God! heal the passions of my wretched soul appease my mind, tossed by the attacks of my enemy as with tempests, and bring, O Virgin, peace unto my heart. Amen.

The Liturgical Year - Epiphany, Bk 3
by Dom Prosper  Granger O.S.B.
London, 1867

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