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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Month of Mary - 12th Day

  The Story:

Of St. Bernard it may be said, that at baptism already love and devotion of the ever-blessed Virgin Mary was infused into his heart. With astonishment it was noticed, that joy caused him in his tenderest childhood to tremble when he beheld a picture of Mary, or heard her sweet name mentioned. As a young man St. Bernard found himself exposed to many dangers; therefore he entered a monastery. Here he manifested his love to the blessed Mother of God, which no pen is able to describe. He was the herald of the Queen of heaven, the most zealous announcer of her unfathomable beauty and sanctity, the inspired preacher of her incomprehensible prerogatives and excellent virtues, the most childlike venerator of Mary. His words seized powerfully the hearts of his co-temporaries and drew them gently to the love and veneration of Mary. In his whole life, devoted to the glory of God and the salvation of men, he never failed until his death in the year 1153 to propagate everywhere the veneration of Mary.

The Memorare by St. Bernard

Remember, O most merciful Virgin Mary, that it is unheard of, that any one flying to thee for protection, imploring thy help, or seeking thy intercession, was ever forsaken. Animated by this unerring confidence, I hasten to thee, Virgin of virgins; I fly to thee, O sweet Mother, a wretched sinner, I prostrate myself sighing at thy feet; despise not my prayer, O Mother of the Divine Word, but graciously hear and grant the same. Amen.

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