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Monday, May 14, 2018

Month of Mary - 14th Day

  The Story:

St. Bonaventure was a zealous venerator of Mary. Endowed by God with excellent talents and acute reason, he entered the order of St. Francis, according to a promise made by His mother, and there distinguished himself by his great learning. He studies only to increase God's glory and to propagate the faith in His beloved Son, Jesus Christ. His great faith manifested itself in his works; but all he drew from the fountain of the holy cross. However no one can believe in God without remembering His most holy Mother; so also Bonaventure. He chose Mary as his protectress; he introduced certain devotional exercises; he wrote beautiful words upon Mary's prerogatives and graces; he composed several hymns in her honor. Whilst his renown spread abroad, he lived as an humble and zealous servant of Jesus and Mary until his holy death, which occurred in the year 1274.

The Prayer:
I believe, O Mary;  but assist thou me in my belief. Great are the temptations against faith; help me. Teach me to think always of God, to walk in His presence, to die to my evil inclinations, and to live daily more in God and to seek nothing but His divine pleasure by faith and its works. Amen.

Pray Your Rosary 

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