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Monday, May 7, 2018

Month of Mary - 7th Day

The Story:

St. Clare of the Cross, so called, because the instruments of Christ's sufferings had been imprinted in her heart, was a zealous servant of God and His glorious Mother Mary. She often lay prostrate before the Crucifix and meditated upon the bitter Passion of Jesus Christ and the sufferings of His Mother. The practice of prayer, of virtues and of mortification was her life. When after the death of her mother she had been chosen superioress she continued to sanctify not only herself, but also her sisters in religion. She became absorbed more and more in the Passion of Christ and in it inflamed her heart to a glowing love of her Saviour. Once the blessed Saviour appeared to her and said: "For a long time I have considered, what I should give thee to thy soul's comfort; behold, I will give thee this Cross, which cannot be erected in a better place than in thy heart; give me thy heart that thou mayest die upon this cross." And indeed, when after her death her heart was opened, the imprint of all instruments of Christ's Passion was found in it. This has been testified to by three hundred and seventy witnesses.

Thee, O Mother of the Crucified, will I seek under the Cross, where thou didst become my Mother. There teach me to know the sufferings and the love of thy maternal heart; there teach me to love and honor the Cross of thy Son. Obtain also, I beseech thee, for me the grace to carry my own cross patiently unto the end. Through thy mediation let all graces that are necessary for me, flow down upon me, that I may hereafter praise my Saviour and thee forever. Amen.

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