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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Month of Mary - Third Day

The Story:

The parents of St. Justina were still heathens, when she confessed her belief in Christ Jesus, and after a short time converted her parents. She was extraordinarily beautiful. This was especially noticed by a young heathen who, burning with shameful lust, sought to gain her to himself by magic agency. Justina was seriously tempted; she was troubled by such great temptations, that all resistance appeared impossible. Already she believed the loss of virtue and fall into sin unavoidable. In this extreme danger she lifted her eyes to heaven and amid tears she implored Mary's assistance and protection. This good Mother heard her prayer; for at once the spirits of darkness and lust, which assailed her innocent soul, fled. She also obtained upon Mary's intercession the grace of persevering and perfect chastity unto the end of her life. More-over she obtained the conversion of Cyprian, who sought to cast Justina into destruction, and both suffered the death of holy martyrs in the year 304.


Mary, Immaculate Virgin and Mother of the Most High, do not reject me, sin-laden creature, from thee. Behold me prostrate upon my knees beseeching thee to be a merciful Mother to me. Assist me in my battles against sin; infuse into my heart ever more the sentiments of thy immaculate heart, that I may perceive my misery and in true contrition hate, despise, bewail and avoid nothing more in this world than sin. Obtain for me also, O powerful Virgin, the grace of perseverance in the practice of all necessary virtues. Grant me thy assistance to avoid all sins, and to practice all virtues. Amen.

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