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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Month of Mary - 6th Day

The Story:

In her childhood already St. Genevieve was devoted with all her heart to the ever blessed Virgin Mary. Her mother who disliked her frequent visits to the churches and much prayer, struck her in the face at one time, wherefore she (the mother) immediately became blind. But Genevieve praying most ardently for her, obtained after two days for her the faculty of sight. As a virgin Genevieve led a secluded life of prayer and of penance. She partook of nourishment but twice a week: wine she never drank. Her life was a continual prayer. Saturdays and vigils of the feasts of Mary she devoted particularly to prayer. On one occasion when going to church at night with a burning candle, the evil spirit extinguished it; but she only touched it with her finger and it burned brightly at once. Upon her prayer a dead boy who assisted her in venerating Mary, returned to life. She died as a holy servant of God and Mary in the year 512.


May my prayer to thee, O holy Mary, never become anything ordinary, but let it ever be important and reverential; then shall it not be vain prayer of the lips, but powerful, in order to reap thereby beautiful fruits. It will merit for me God's mercy, it will render me worthy of thy protection, it will be of indescribable benefit to me, to my fellow-men and to the poor souls, for whom I offer it. Amen.

First Holy Communion, May 6th, 1956
 Kathy grew up, married me and became My Guide to Heaven.
Happy Anniversary Kathy

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